Adult Kung Fu

Austin Kung Fu Builds Health & Confidence

The Kung Fu Path builds personal confidence that comes from instinctual self-defense skills. You will awaken your mental discipline and a can-do mental attitude all while feeling healthier and happier.

Rob Leading Class

Why Kung Fu?

  • Feel New Inner Confidence
  • Learn Instinctive Self-Defense Skills
  • Become Mentally Empowered
  • Get Back In Shape While Having Fun
  • Restore Overall Health
  • Become More Flexible

Other Programs


Our Adult Kung Fu classes teach traditional kung fu forms including animal forms, weapons and many other effective self-defense techniques. Shaolin-Do students are left with the experience of being empowered and confident in all aspects of their lives. They leave class knowing they have the ability to defend themselves and their families should the need ever arise.
Practicing Shaolin-Do Adult Kung Fu results in improved flexibility, mental focus and memory, and a chance to meet great people sharing the common goal of learning adult kung fu as an ancient art form, a fighting system and a means to meet your potential in all areas of life. To be a master of kung fu means to be a master of oneself.
sat beginner class

Beginners Class Practicing The Basics

1st bird spin down

Black Belt Class Spins Down to Monkey

Shaolin-Do Austin Kung Fu puts the needs of the student first while using Chinese martial arts to transform mind and body. The teachers and fellow students create an incredible community that supports you in every part of life. Bringing more to each day than just work and stress; an excitement and growth that goes beyond fitness or self-defense.


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The Magic Of A Black Belt?

There is nothing magical about getting a black belt. However, there is something amazing about the journey to reach black belt and the personal transformation that happens during that journey. You become a stronger person while reaching for that goal. The new strength can be used in every area of life. This is why we say that Mastering Shaolin is about becoming a master of life.
iron shirt training

Black Belts demonstrating “Iron Shirt” training