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Austin Tai Chi and Health

Most people know about the meditation and relaxation that comes from practicing Tai Chi. And while this martial art does involve a lot of both, it also comes with many other benefits in the area of health. Tai Chi can help with countless injuries and health problems, and can completely change the lives of those…
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Shaolin Drive In Theater

FREE! For instance, here's a backyard drive-in we did for our daughter's birthday last year. Complete with great sound system, and great friends. Bring your bagchair, snacks and drinks (be responsible), bug spray and a jacket or blanket. Parents please google the movie "Kung Fu Hustle" to decide on age appropriateness. Saturday April 16th movie…
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Shaolin-Do Forever

Go 'Monk' on life (or should I say 'Nun') I fully expect to be learning new Shaolin-Do forms when I am 80 years old. In fact, it is my secret weapon of longevity. Grandmaster Sin has said this countless times. He told us that the real reason to study Shaolin was to increase the length…
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Don’t Turn into a Tree (The Hero’s Quest)

Whether you know it or not, you're on a classic Hero's Journey. If you ever get the chance to read Joseph Campbell's "The Thousand Faces of the Hero" you won't be disappointed. However, if you don't have time for that, then listen to it in your car on CD or watch "Joseph Versus The Volcano",…
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Boldness Has Magic

"Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now" I hope this essay provides you with a pleasant read and small amount of inspiration and motivation to accomplish whatever it is your heart desires. Motivation comes and goes. Our moods change and give us an endless string of really good excuses to loose…
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The Science of Shaolin-Do Forms Training

As many of you know, I received my Ph.D. in neurophysiology in 1997, at UT Austin. Since that time I have missed science somewhat, but have always looked at Shaolin-Do training with a scientific method. I have used this background to model our training and progressive approach, and as you'll see in the following article,…
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A Martial Arts Teacher’s Confessions

I have a problem telling the TRUTH (AKA. Confessions of a Martial Arts Teacher)! Too often, the TRUTH gets you nowhere in advertising. People are used to hearing all manner of bragging and hype from martial art schools in general and I was taught that words are cheap. Instead of competing with them with that…
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Four Reasons to Pick Shaolin-Do Over All the Others

Shaolin-Do wants you to train as often as you can. We don't limit your schedule for our teaching convenience.¬† We want your training to become a part of your lifestyle. ¬†Where else can you attend 10-13 fully instructed classes per week for one price?   Most Schools in Austin Limit Your Training Time. They charge…
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The Master of Water

In 1988 and 89 I studied traditional Chinese ink painting with a man named Cong ZhiYuan. This art felt very similar to Tai Chi and was just as subtle and deep. In the time that I studied with him I learned to paint Lotus, Wisteria, and Pine Trees. It's funny, but it was very much…
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