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Kung Fu Is A Self-Esteem GAME-CHANGER

There Are MORE Female Martial Artists At Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi Than Any School In Central Texas!

Master Sheryl Schaefer Yearly Women's Empowermnet Retreat

Female Students At Our Highest Belts Levels

50% of Most Classes Are Made Up Of Women

Female Instructors In Most Classes

Meet Your Teachers

Master Sheryl Schaefer is a 6th degree black belt and the highest ranked Woman in the Southern part of the United States. She is co-owner of the North Austin and Pflugerville schools with Master Joe Schaefer. She has taught martial arts for 25 years. And she has both a Bachelors in Biology and Master Degree in Physiology as well.

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I Wasn't Confident I could Master Kung Fu

I started out with tai chi as I wasn't confident that I could muster the kung fu.  I was probably overly cautious, but it helped build my confidence.  The tai chi program is paced so that you learn the fundamentals and can readily build upon them.  The training is in-depth and internal as well as physical.  I have loved being able to be active and engage my mind.  

I recently started kung fu - so much fun!  I can't share a lot of insight into the kung fu program since I'm so new to it.  But I can tell you that there are challenges and camaraderie just as in the tai chi program.  Many students practice both.  The concepts work together and build an integrated approach to martial arts.  There are decades of learning possible here!  

A Kick-Ass Kung Fu Family

At first, I was quite intimidated; most of the reviews on Yelp were from black belts who had been attending Shaolin-do for several years. I wondered what the environment would be like for a noob like me...

Let me tell you, I already feel like I'm part of a family. A kick-ass Kung Fu family. The people are so welcoming and the instructors genuinely care about their practice to the core. It's addictive. I love that classes incorporate group activities so you can train with more experienced belts, but also that the main focus is on your own individual practice. At Shaolin-do, you move at your own speed and do what you can, but it's encouraged to push yourself. It's a great place for self-exploration and improvement. I'm still just a white belt, but I can already tell that I've gained so much by going to Shaolin-do. 


As A Girl I was Nervous

I've been taking classes from here for about a year now and I love it. I find the Sifus (instructors) very knowledgeable in the art.   As a girl I was nervous about taking classes but found everyone very friendly and was impressed to see how many women are in the upper black belt classes.  You don't have to be super athletic to start taking classes but they are challenging.  If you can't make it through the whole class or need to take a water break know one makes you feel bad.  I've left class drenched in sweat but feeling much better than when I came in.

I appreciate when practicing your kicks and punches they will try to pair girls with girls or least someone the same strength as you.  The self defense you learn here is easily applied if need be in a real life situation.  I've never felt that I've received inferior training because I'm girl.  It's really up to the individual on what you take way from the classes.  After year I'm more confident, flexible, stronger, and loving how toned my legs look now.  

I've done the whole personal trainer thing at those large mainstream gyms and found this to be way more satisfying.  Who wants to run on a treadmill when you can learn a beautiful art form while getting a great workout.  I recommend this place to everyone who wants to be challenged and try something different.


Learning Mindset

Einstein said "You can't fix a problem with the same mindset that created the problem" You will be surrounded by positivite, growth minded teaches and fellow students. The challeneges of learning will make sure you keep growing.

A Path

You will get caught up in the learning this fascinating ancient art and that will keep you learning and practicing over time, which is what we all need.

Supportive Community

You will absolutely love the atmosphere at our school. Warm, friendly and welcoming. It feels more like a family than a class.

Consistent Effort

This will be the easiest part because you will love coming to class each week while training does it's magic with a host of health benefits.

  • Get In Shape
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Feel Confident
  • Flexibility
  • Supportive Community
  • Stronger Body
  • Inner Discpline
  • Develop a "Can Do" Attitiude
  • Sharpens Memory and Thinking

Meet The Owners

Senior Master Joe Schaefer

"My purpose is to use Kung Fu and Tai Chi to guide and inspire adults looking for life change and transformation. "

7th Degree Black Belt | Senior Master Joe Schaefer, PhD

35 Years Of Training In Kung Fu and Tai Chi, PhD in Neurophysiology at UT, School Owner Since 1987.

Master Sheryl Schaefer

"I am passionate about using Chinese martial arts as a tool to help people to believe in themselves, evolve, find confidence and personal power."

6th Degree Black Belt | Master Sheryl Schaefer

31 Years of Training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Master Degree in Physiology from UT, School Owner Since 1987

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