North Austin Location –  512.575.4382

Master Joseph has taught the North Austin Shaolin-Do program since 1991 and has had a full-time school since 1995. After receiving his Doctorate from UT in 1997 he moved to teach Kung Fu and Tai Chi full-time. Master Joseph teaches all levels from first-day beginning students to the most senior students in the school. He brings over 30 years of martial arts training, his Doctorate and classical training in neurophysiology and his life experience as a father of two and husband of 30 years to each and every moment of teaching. His classes are motivational, hi-energy experiences that you will always look forward to.

The North Austin school has produced hundreds of young black belts and hundreds of adults black belts and sashes. The most important measure of the value of the material a school teaches is the number of adult black belts that stick around to higher levels of black belt. Adults will only continue to make time in their schedule if the activity has a positive impact on their live...daily. Our upper level adult black belt classes are the largest classes in the school with 40 or more people that have been training in the school for more than 10 years. REMEMBER that since we don't have contracts, these people are staying this long because of the positive impact Shaolin-Do has on their life.

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2136 Rutland DR, SUITE D-1, AUSTIN TEXAS 78744.


From Burnet Road, Turn at the Jack In The Box east, onto Rutland DR. You will cross Railroad Tracks in .4 miles. Pass metropolitan then turn left into the warehouse park at 2136 Rutland Dr. (Enter the park between Granite Solutions and Durango Doors) The School is on Rutland between Burnet and Metric.





Who Teaches At The North Austin Shaolin-Do School?

Masters Joseph and Sheryl Schaefer is the Owner and The Head Instructor at the North Shaolin-Do School. Master Joseph has achieved the rank of 7th Degree black and the rank of Senior Master in the Shaolin-Do System. Master Sheryl has reached 5th degree black belt and the rank of Associate Master.

Together they have trained hundreds of students for over 25 years in North Austin. Some of the very first students to ever sign up in the north Austin school are still training with them today. Four of there students have reached the level of 5th Degree black belt and the rank of master in the Shaolin Do system and there are over 40 people in the North Austin school who attend the advanced black belt classes(3rd, 4th, & 5thth Degree Black Belts) Shaolin-Do is a very large and in depth art consisting of over 900 forms and 50 Chinese Martial art styles. We have enough material to keep you engaged and inspired for the rest of your life!