Sparring and Forms Competition

2019 Sparring and Forms Comp.

First of all, let me explain about our sparring tournament...


We have a very unique sparring tournament. I based it upon my own experience and frustration for single elimination. In our tournament, each person gets to spar at least 3 rounds. This fosters a more relaxed attitude during the matches which helps toward safety and performance.

Then The 4 or so top fighters are put back together into a single elimination round to determine the final places.


Judging is VERY DIFFICULT and I hope you can please be patient with the fact that our volunteer judges try their very best to assess The true winners in each match. There are certainly mistakes, but I want to point out that when you are cheering for one of the fighters, that you are the most biased person in the gymnasium. It is impossible to focus so closely on your friend or family member and also see the opponent's strike clearly. That being said, you should feel comfortable approaching me (Master Joe) if you feel an honest mistake was made in scoring or keeping track of the wins.


Safety is of the utmost importance at my tournament. The only reason we disqualify fighters is to protect other people. Everybody wants to walk away from the tournament happy and UN-injured and we always do our best to make this happen.



Point Sparring

Match Length

Each match will last 60 seconds (kids) (adults may last longer).



Points will be awarded based upon light contact or likely contact on pulled strikes. No head contact will be tolerated. Intentional joint, throat and eye strikes will result in immediate disqualification. For lesser violations the center judge will use warnings and point deductions.


Hand strikes (pulled) will receive 1 point

Foot strikes (pulled or controlled) will receive 2 points

Take downs with a follow up strike will receive 3 points

At the end of the match the one with the most points will win. In the case of a tie, the next point wins.


Sparring Equipment (available for discount purchase at event)

Hand and foot and head gear for kidsĀ mustĀ be worn by all competitors. The gear must meet the safety standard of the center judge in each ring. We highly recommend you use a mouthguard and groin cup for boys and men.


How Do You Win in Sparring?

Point Sparring

You will put your name on an index card and matches will be randomly put together for about 50 minutes of sparring. You will likely spar at least 3 or 4 times before the finals. Then the 4 people with the best sparring records for the day will spar down for 1,2, 3 and 4th places.

Forms Comp.External Empty-hand and Weapon Forms

Forms will be judged by a panel of higher belts.

In this division the student must use a form at his/her level. Therefore, no points will be given for the difficulty of the form. Weapons and empty hand will compete together.


Open Forms Division

If you are competing with a form outside your own belt level then this is the division for that. It will be judged just like The other forms division. Weapon and empty hand will compete together.


Tai Chi Forms

Empty Hand and weapon competitors will have 2 minutes to perform a portion of their form. All competitors must start at the beginning of The kata.