A Martial Arts Teacher’s Confessions

I have a problem telling the TRUTH (AKA. Confessions of a Martial Arts Teacher)!

Too often, the TRUTH gets you nowhere in advertising. People are used to hearing all manner of bragging and hype from martial art schools in general and I was taught that words are cheap. Instead of competing with them with that approach, I'm going to "break all the rules" and talk to you in a straight forward manner. I realize that it may not stack up to the slick marketing of my competition, but I think you'll appreciate honesty and sincerity (I know I do).


Fast Food and Martial Arts (???)

Most people mistakenly believe that all martial art schools offer the same basic instruction, and that all martial art styles offer the same basic benefits. This is only true if you have very limited goals for your martial arts training. For instance people ask about kick-boxing, grappling or mixed martial arts styles. While these styles will certainly teach you to fight (two guys in a garage with sparring gear and a good health insurance policy can learn that), your interest will very likely be short-lived. Unless you're looking to fight professionally, these styles usually don't offer a life-long series of challenges, and the drive for mental, spiritual and physical growth. Since their primary focus is on fighting, once you feel competent in that skill, you'll become bored and move on, and never find the secret it took me 20 years to completely uncover.

The "Holy Grail " of Martial Arts Discovered.

I'm here to tell you that I didn't discover the greatest lesson of martial arts until I had already been training 15 years. I have read several hundred books written over the previous 200 years on the subject of personal growth, transformation and motivation. Surprisingly, I found that the Shaolin monks invented the perfect formula to maximize human potential over 1500 years ago. That secret formula is Shaolin. This ancient art will first uncover and then destroy your self-doubt, fears, and inner weakness in a way like no other. Additionally, you'll learn to defend yourself and family. I know of no other pursuit that can accomplish all these incredible feats.

So what are you looking for?

If you're like me, you picture yourself practicing martial arts into the advanced years of your life. If so, then Shaolin is the perfect art for you. I have more adult students that stay to reach black belt (it takes about 3 years) than most schools have enrolled in all their belts levels. What's more, the material you learn to reach Black Belt (21 long forms; 15 empty hand forms, and 8 different weapon forms) represents only about 10% of the material I personally teach here at my school. So once you reach black belt, you've just gotten started on a path that will last the rest of your life. This is my dream! I want to be surrounded by students who become colleagues and associates over the years, as we become older, healthier and move toward ever greater personal mastery of ourselves and this 1500 year old martial art.

You have to see it to believe it!

I have pages of testimonials from students saying that Shaolin-Do is "hands down" the best art and school they've ever tried. That kind of difference should be clear to see, so my challenge to you is to visit the school and see for yourself.

Here is what you'll find:
1. An atmosphere of mutual respect where you'll be treated like a family member from day-one.
2. Beginner students easily achieving levels of skill they previously thought impossible.
3. The number of students in the advanced classes will far exceed the number of beginners, again proving that the art just keeps getting better the longer you stay.
4. The adult student members make up 80-90% of our student body (unlike nearly every other school), with a large number of women. (the national average is 20% of students are adults)
5. Instructors that practice what they preach, and try each day to lift the spirits and motivation level of their students.
6. A very flexible schedule for an excellent price.

You will not find:

1. The walls lined with trophies and other egotistical displays.
2. A drill-sergeant screaming in your ear about how a REAL martial artist should train.
3. A bunch of testosterone oozing jerks ruining your class experience.
4. Trendy program-of-the-month school.
5. A school that claims to teach everything you've ever heard of (cardio kickboxing, self-defense, yoga, Korean arts, Japanese arts, Chinese arts, Tai Chi, etc.).

We are dedicated to producing masters of the traditional Shaolin temple art and life itself.

We teach what we have always taught and we're good at it.

Master Joseph Schaefer, Ph.D. and 7th degree black belt
Master Sheryl Schaefer, M.A., and 5th degree Black Belt

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