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KIDS SUMMER CAMPS!! Click here for the dates, description and pricing for this year's North Austin Summer Camps (South Austin TBA)

Secure a camp with your deposit here and email us which camp your child will be attending.

Email Master Sheryl ANYTIME at austinshaolin@gmail.com with any question or concern you may have.



July 8th  10 am

Not too late to join in, $25/month through September. Email Master Sheryl



Sunday July 15th 11 am to 5 (lunch break from 1:30-3)

Cost $75

Power from the inside out!    

Open to all Shaolin-Do women and teen girls, kung fu or tai chi
If you are a tai chi student who wants to take the workshop portion only, email Master Sheryl
Learn what your superpowers are and how to tap into them anytime you need them!!
Find out how to strengthen your core, both physical and mental.
Learn a multitude of physical techniques to strengthen and empower you to face any challenge through sparring, I Chin Ching, San Ye, Mantis training, bag work, and (optional) iron training.
Finally, after the retreat, review axes, stomping drunk and butterflies if you have taken those seminars in the past.
$75 and bonus!! If you take this seminar, you get to take the Wooden Man seminar from M. Joseph on the 22nd for 1/2 price!
BRING a 3 ring binder with clear pocket in front for decorative cover. Paper inside and pen. WEAR gi pants and a women's tee if you have one, otherwise a solid tee.
Be thinking about your personal superpowers.
Let me know asap if you plan to attend, even if you don't plan to pay until the day of so that I can make a big enough lunch reservation for us somewhere. Lunch is not included, so bring lunch money.

Register at the counter, email Master Sheryl, or use this link

Friday July 20th 6:30-9 pm Teachers Dinner/Meeting 

Falcon-Pointe Clubhouse in Pflugerville

Teachers Dinner/Meeting for all assistant and full instructors of North Austin

Please RSVP by 18th for food count and plan to attend. Need for everyone to focus, so we apologize but no small children can be in attendance.

Sunday July 22nd 10-12 Wooden Man Seminar

$80 if register before the date of the seminar, or $90 at the door, and allows only seminar attendees to continue to train on the wooden man

Women's Retreat Attendees get 1/2 off. Register through Master Sheryl to get your discount.

24 Postures of Shaolin Mu Ren (wooden man)
I learned this form about 15 years ago from master Bill Leonard and I just got permission to teach it. Hard hitting and powerful in its simplicity. It is NOT wing chun wooden man. The shaolin wooden man has no middle arm. On the last China trip in 2014 we saw about 10 of these two arm wooden men in a row at the school next to the shaolin temple (made of metal). I am bringing my personal wooden man back to the school. Only those who take the seminar will be allowed to train on the wooden man at the school. There will be a posted list of names next the to wooden man. $80 July 22 Sunday 10-12. Register here or at the door. Women's retreat attendees register at the womens retreat or at the door.


Saturday August 25th TOURNAMENT

North Austin School on Rutland ALL DAY

Starts with kids at 9:30 registration time, 10 am competition time  

Teens and Adults Begin around noon - more specifics to follow.

Sparring, Forms, Trophies and a Great Time!!






Remember, you must email by the 10th of the month in order to withdraw or pause your enrollment when you are on a month-to-month plan, in order to avoid the charge on the following 1st.

Likewise, if you are on contract and need to pause for a month due to travel or illness, you must email us by the 20th of the month to freeze the contract for that month.