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KIDS SUMMER CAMPS!! Click here for the dates, description and pricing for this year's North Austin Summer Camps (South Austin TBA)


Email Master Sheryl ANYTIME at austinshaolin@gmail.com with any question or concern you may have.



June 10TH  10 am

Not too late to join in, $25/month through September. Email Master Sheryl



Sunday July 15th 11 am to 5 (lunch break from 1:30-3)

Cost $75

Power from the inside out!    

2017 Shiang Chung Li /Women's Retreat

Exercises to strengthen your core and central Powerhouse!

Advice from a local Physical Therapist on strength and common athletic neglect.

Introduction to iron training! I’ll show you what to do and how, and get you started on that path, if you choose to.

Sparring with heavy gear to get more comfortable with sparring and tournament sparring and judging to prepare for the August tournament.

Mantis Sticking Hand Training – 8 different sets to condition your body and trains your reflexes for self-defense and sparring.

2017 Retreat - Workshop Portion

And group discussion and sharing on where you feel power in your life, where you need it and how to get it!

Those who have had Stomping Drunk and Li Gui Axes, can stay at the end to review both!

Register at the counter, email Master Sheryl, or use this link




Saturday August 25th TOURNAMENT

North Austin School on Rutland ALL DAY

Starts with kids at 9:30 registration time, 10 am competition time  

Teens and Adults Begin around noon - more specifics to follow.

Sparring, Forms, Trophies and a Great Time!!






Remember, you must email by the 10th of the month in order to withdraw or pause your enrollment when you are on a month-to-month plan, in order to avoid the charge on the following 1st.

Likewise, if you are on contract and need to pause for a month due to travel or illness, you must email us by the 20th of the month to freeze the contract for that month.