August 2019 Events

August North Austin Events

Saturday August 24th 9-9 North Austin


Our Fall Tournament!

Where? 2136 Rutland Drive Suite D-1 Austin, TX 78758

When? Sat. Aug 24th 9 am to 9 pm

Who? Ages 4-6, 7-12, Teens and Adults in Kung Fu or Tai Chi!

What? Sparring and/or Forms

How Much? $45 if you register before midnight August 8th, $55 after that.

Tournaments are about facing challenges, testing your hard work, celebrating your wins and your defeats because there are NO defeats when you put it on the line. The growth and confidence you gain from trying, is the biggest win of all!!

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We take great pride in doing everything we possible can to ensure that your child (and our adult students) have the most positive experience possible at our tournaments. The kids will get trophies for 1st through 4th place and participation trophies for the bravery of competing. Please talk with Master Joe, Master Ben or Master Sheryl about any concerns or questions you may have and discuss with other parents around you who's children have participated in the past. We are confident that you and your child will enjoy the experience.

Sunday August 25th Seminars with The Grandmaster!

Seminars with Grandmaster Sin
Sunday August 25th at the North Austin School. Exact times to be announced but probably starting at 10 am-12:30 sword, 2-5 for the Tai Chi/Chi Gong seminar.

Register Here for the Early Bird Pricing (until August 8th

Shing Yi 6 Harmony Broadsword:

Tai Chi/ChiGong Seminar:


Open to all Adult students, and kids brown belt and higher.

Shing Yi Six Harmony Broadsword
I hear fantastic comments from the Lexington school about learning this form in June up there. The form is composed of two sections and forty postures. Grandmaster Sin describes it as moving like a “mad dragon” that is turning its body everywhere while chopping and slashing your opponents in half! If you enjoyed learning the Hsing I Reversible Broadsword then you will love this one!
The second half of the day will be a very special seminar related to Tai Chi, Chi Gong and opening your meridians for a better energy level and experience of all your martial art practice. It will be a unique new experience for you and is open to Adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi students of any age. more details will come in the the first few days of August on this seminar.


First Ever Seminar for ages 60 and up, our Tai Chi Silver Cranes of Shaolin-Do

Details for time and price will be added soon. This seminar will be similar to the Sunday Tai Chi/Chigong seminar!