August 2019 Tournament & Seminars

The 2019 August Tournament

Saturday August 24th at the North School 2136 Rutland Drive

Multiple Events the Week of August 22th

8/22 Thursday - Testing for Kung Fu students into 3rd brown belt & up at North Austin School 6 to 9 pm (open testing). Email Master Sheryl if you are testing into 3rd brown or higher.

8/23 Friday - Testing for Tai Chi students, Out-of-Towners (open testing), and Kung Fu black belts into 5th degree at the North Austin School (closed testing) Email Master Sheryl if you are testing into 3rd brown or higher.

8/24 Saturday -  Tournament at North Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi school on Rutland        9am to 9 pm. Stay on this page to register.

8/25 Sunday -  Seminars with Grandmaster Sin at the North Austin school. 



10-12:30 Sun 8/25 at the North Austin School: Hsing I Six Harmony Broadsword Seminar (does not include sword) $80 before Aug. 19th, $90 after

Grandmaster Sin Thé will teach the Hsing I Six Harmony Broadsword form at his annual summer seminar in Lexington, KY. The form is composed of two sections and forty postures. Grandmaster Sin describes it as moving like a “mad dragon” that is turning its body everywhere while chopping and slashing your opponents in half! If you enjoyed learning the Hsing I Reversible Broadsword then you will love this one!

2-4 pm Sun 8/25 at the North Austin School: Internal Walking Tai Chi Seminar $80 before Aug. 19th, $90 after

Walking Chi Kung Level 1! This new form of meditation will help open up all of your meridians and is open to the public! Be sure to bring your family and friends!

Early Bird Pricing until August 19th at midnight, after that, $90 for one or $180 for both


Register Here for $45 or Register At The Door, same price

Students from age 4 through adult, Kung Fu AND Tai Chi compete in open hand forms, weapons and sparring! It's a fun-filled day with great opportunities to test your skill, train your nerve and hang out with one of the most supportive and friendly groups of people you will ever have the pleasure to meet! There's really nothing like the feeling of inspiration and camaraderie that fills the air at our tournaments. We're very proud of that!

parents and students, Tournaments teach you bravery and good sportsmanship like nothing else. Taking the floor to spar or perform a kata, regardless of the outcome, makes it far easier to doing something outside your comfort zone in other areas of life. And the more often you do that, the less uncomfortable it becomes to go for your goals and dreams! They teach us to work hard and do our best and to keep trying - in all things!

the competition

All Kids Get a Trophy (either placement or participation, because bravery deserves a big reward!) and likewise, All Adults Get a Medal.

Read Here for details on the competition structure and judging.

LOCATION:  North Austin School on Rutland 2136 Rutland Drive Suite D-1

SCHEDULE: Register Here until Thursday Aug. 22nd, or at the Door on Tournament Day

Bring bag chairs to watch your kiddos and friends

8:30 AM registration for all children 8 years and under.
9:00AM start time for this age group

10:00AM registration for kids 9 and up (non junior black belts and black belts)
10:30AM start time for this group

10:30AM registration for Kids junior black belts and black belts
11:00AM Start time for this group

12:00 registration for adults competing in tai chi forms
12:30PM Start time for tai chi

1:00PM registration for adults below black belt level
1:30PM Start time for adults

2:30PM registration for black belts
3:00-5:00PM black belt competition

Join us afterward at the Brick Oven on Jollyville for a fun, after tournament hangout & pizza! Please let us know by the 22nd if you plan to be there so we can give the restaurant an approx. number of attendees.

Tournament is at the North Austin School at 2136 Rutland
Tai Chi is First Adult event this year (registration at 12:30PM)
NO Spectators Fee (those who have purchased spectator "tickets" already, will be refunded)
NO Demonstration This Year

Register HERE to Compete

Email Us if You Can Help with check in, timekeeping, scorekeeping...

  • Cost to Compete $45
  • Spectators FREE

August 2019 Grandmaster Seminars

For Details and Registration for Grandmaster Sin's Seminars on Sunday 8/25/19, 

Sun 8/25 10am-12:30 Hsing I Six Harmony Broadsword (sword not included)  $80 Register HERE

Sun 8/25 2-4 pm Internal Walking Tai Chi Seminar (open to students and non-students, Silver Cranes too) $90 Register HERE   NOTE Online Registration will End Fr. Aug 23 but then you register at the door that day.

**Special Silver Crane Walking Tai Chi Rate  $45. Register HERE  

Early Bird Registration Has Ended. Online Late Registration will end Friday Aug 23. Then you can register at the door on Sunday the 25th.

Register HERE for BOTH