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Kung Fu and Tai Chi: The Ultimate Tool

Martial Arts: The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Drug Humans need motivation to do everything from getting out of bed in the morning to climbing Mount Everest. One could argue that the greater the challenge the greater the need for motivation. In this example, it’s certainly true that you need more motivation to scale the tallest mountain…
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How Does Motivation Work?

We’ve all heard the self-help people tell us that motivation is the key to achieving miracles in our life. Some will tell you that “how” is not important for achieving success, but you need to know “why”.  There are as many different methods as there are self-help gurus.   There is only one things that…
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The Rolodex Myth of Sparring

The Rolodex Myth Of Sparring   There is a very persistent myth among students of martial arts. This myth persists due to a characteristic of the human ego. We want to believe our conscious minds are completely running our lives.   Is Free Will Gone? I can assure you that just about every study of…
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Kids Kung Fu Summer Camps Are FUN

Ages 6-12 No Experience Required Free Uniform For New Members To The School Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 4PM North Austin (2136 Rutland Drive) June Camp: June 18-22nd July Camp: July 16-20th August Camp: August 6-10th The Cost of the Camps  one camp is $220 two camps is $400 three camps is $540 Email to hold you spot…
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Our Annual Shaolin-Do Tournament

We have one big tournament each year (usually the 3rd or 4th weekend in February) and it's surrounded by rank advancement testing with Grandmaster Sin, and special seminars that he teaches the day after the tournament! Plan to be a part of it all!! It's a day like no other! It's full of energy, fun…
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