The Black Belt Banquet

It's time!! The 2018 Black Belt & Black Sash Banquet is Upon Us!  April 8th, 2018

Open to ALL black belts and sashes, both new and old. Those who tested this past year, will get a special large certificate that is ONLY available to you if you attend the banquet. We have some special surprises in store for this year, so don't miss this very special night!! If this is your first year there, read below for more details.


Dave and Busters on Capital of Texas Highway

Saturday April 8th at 6:30 pm in the big banquet room

Meal Included, Cost is $43.30 (includes meal, tax, tip)

Casual Dressy  - It's a Banquet!

DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR CERTIFICATE (which you ONLY get if you attend) March 26th


If you do not register and pay your banquet fee by midnight April 2nd, you CANNOT attend. Dave and Busters gets the count the next day and that's it. So do not show up at the banquet the night of without registering or you will be unfortunately, be turned away. 

Use the button below to register (add as many to the cart as guests attending in your group). Or email Master Sheryl immediately to have her run your charge from your tuition account. You can bring a date, spouse, and kids (but see below).


IF YOU TESTED THIS PAST YEAR! Tell Master Sheryl the rank you tested into, your name spelling for the certificate and the school you train in. This part must be done by Friday March 26th so there is time to get your certificates printed!!!! Email Master Sheryl if you plan to attend and will get one, asap!

Kids must be old enough to sit quietly at the table for long periods and not move about the room - it is dangerous for them and the wait staff. Kids cannot eat from the buffet unless a meal is purchased, but you can order from a menu if necessary.


Kids and young adults under the age of 18 cannot be dropped off at this event. They must be accompanied by an adult.

The menu:

Rosemary Chicken or Vegetable Lasagna, baked cavatappi w/ marinara, 4 cheese pizza bites w/ pesto, vegetables, salad, dinner rolls, and dessert.


There's the button to register, right there to the left of this text!! 🙂


Several years ago, Master Schaefer proposed the black belt banquet, an annual event where the black belts and tai chi black sash students of any Shaolin-Do school in the world, are welcome to join us for an evening of socializing, dining, retrospect and celebration of what it is and has been to be a student of Shaolin-Do. We are on our 19th year of banquets! They have grown in size and content (we give special awards, sincere and fun), and you can ask any black belt or sash at our north and south schools in particular (since they are the nearest) and they'll tell you that they wouldn't miss one!

2016 Black Belt Banquet

2016 Black Belt Banquet

Pictures won't do the banquet justice, but we'll post a few. It's fun. They are full of laughter and some tears, hugs and handshakes, special certificates for the new inductees (those who tested into their 1st level of black belt or sash that year) and great video productions from Master Joe and chief advise contributor, Master Sheryl 🙂 We hope to welcome ALL new Shaolin-Do students to the banquet one day in the not-so-distant future.


We hold the banquet approximately a month after the February tournament. The last several years have been at Dave and Busters, until we outgrow them. Even Dave and Busters loves our black belt banquets - the wait staff always stands around and watches the video. We've been told they request to be a part of the event every year when we make the reservation. And the manager always compliments us on the atmosphere of the room and how they've never seen anything like it!


Phequefo Winners of Years' Past

For the last 4 years, we have given out the "Phequefo" award to those students who exhibit great loyalty to Shaolin-Do and to Grandmaster Sin. The Phequefo is a word Grandmaster Sin gave to a bird that lives in China but not here (has no North American name that we are familiar with) like a pheasant, quail or fowl - phequefo. It's a tenacious bird, fast and furious in it's attack. We thought it would be fun to name the award after it and each recipient is presented with their own "phequefo" statue to take home.


Sifu Mike Dingus with his Phequefo Award at the South School

The Very 1st Winner of the Then Named, Golden Phequefo Award,    Master Sean O'Brien

Northern Phequefo Winners:    Sifu Rob Stevens,    Sifu Kathy Pendleton,    Sifu Corey Machado  

Sifu Darrell Kreitz

Southern Phequefo Winners:   Sifu Mike Dingus,    Sifu Lisa Edelmon,     Sifu Colby Adams  Hao Nguyen

Phequefos, Sifu Kathy Pendleton and Sifu Lisa Edelmon

Phequefos, Sifu Kathy Pendleton and Sifu Lisa Edelmon


Unique Awards

Thus far, two of our students have received rather unique awards that you'll need to ask them to explain when you meet them. Pictured below is Lesa Walker with her vintage cowbell the night she received the "Old Cow" award (her self-proclaimed title, mind you) and soon to be pictured, Sifu Gary Hart with his "Iron Moon" award.