Shaolin-Do as a Life Changer….in Unexpected Ways

One of the greatest joys we have experienced since starting the Austin Shaolin-Do school is what happens when you bring a lot of like-minded people!

Friendships, Marriages and Babies have come about from classmates meeting at our schools!16114715_10108943478229810_4901355138668811263_n

I'd love to put every single family member on this page but there are too many. Whole families join together, or sometimes a child is enrolled and pretty soon, one or both parents can't take it anymore and they have to enroll too! It's awesome!

1268144_10201894655829959_1596740495_oBut in addition to those ready-made families. Sometimes, two strangers meet at our school and magic happens. So for fun, I'm going to post some of the pics of the couples from Shaolin-Do and the babies born of Shaolin-Do parents (either one or both parents being students, who didn't necessarily meet at our school, but had a baby while they were enrolled).

NOTE** Some of these are grandkids of students. Some of them are San Antonio students because they came from Master Ryan's school and Master Ryan is one of Master Joe's students 🙂 (I guess I better collect D.C., Dallas, New Orleans and Florida too then....)

If I missed you, I may just not have a picture - send me one! 16142597_10100347989124561_7888558050443492874_n

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