We hold a fundraiser like this every year at this time to offset the fact that every year, several people will pause or end their membership during the holiday months. This equals a hardship for the school, as new people don’t usually join much during this time either, yet rent and utilities still need to be paid 🙂 So if you are wanting to get yourself or a family member in the school a gift this year – now is the time! And thank you! 🎁
Order anything below, and email us if it needs to be a secret. This vendor usually takes about 3-5 business days, so use that information to get it by Christmas or Hanukkah. 
The meditation cushions, mugs, kids tees, tai chi tees, koozies and license plate frames are in house already. You can buy at the counter or buy online and pick up asap. 
January Workshop
Sunday Jan 8, 4-6pm with Master Sheryl on Habits: Replacing Bad Habits and Creating Transformational Habits for the New Year! 
This is a workshop to kick off 2023! We’ll discuss how habits form, which habits you’d like to lose and which ones you’d like to begin, and how to do it. You’ll develop a plan of success for 2023. This goes beyond a mere “resolution” but rather will help to create a new lifestyle for you to achieve your goals AND has a built-in support system of other participants! We will have an in-person workshop on Jan 8th and a zoom version on the 15th for those out of town or who can’t make it on the 8.
Register Here for the Workshop:
This workshop is open to everyone teen and up, including any friends + family.
Master Joe’s Open Focus Seminar, Thursday Feb. 23rd
Anyone in tai chi has had a taste of what Open Focus meditation is like and how effective it can be for relaxation, pain relief, and energizing.  This is an entire seminar both in-person and on zoom at the same time, devoted to what it is, how it works and doing lots of it! You will also get a MP3 of Master Joe calling you through a 25 minute session to use whenever you like! Cost is $39 to participate and for one person $75, to get to be hooked up to the neurosynchrony feedback machine during the seminar. 
Also For Purchase: ONE (1) Person Can Be Hooked Up To The Neurosynchrony Machine for $75. Once this is purchased by one person, we will remove the link. 
This workshop is open to everyone teen and up, including any friends + family.

Adult Wavemaster Freestanding Bag

 $199.99 plus tax
Purchase Here

Lil Dragon Freestanding Kickbag

$179 plus tax

Kid Kick Shield

(You hold it for them to kick)
$44.99 plus tax
Purchase Here

Meditation Cushion With Lotus Print

$35 + tax

Shaolin Do 2 Koozies + 1 License Plate Frame Set

 $7 plus tax
Purchase Here

Shaolin Mug

$10 plus tax
(While supplies last)
Purchase Here

Adult Powerline Kick Shield

$119 plus tax
Purchase Here

Kids Shirt

$16.63 plus tax

Tai Chi Shirt

(While supplies last)
$18.48 plus tax

(Pre-Order) 2023 Adult Tee Shirt

$20 plus tax
(These will be available at the Jan 1st workout)
Designing Now – Take a Chance 🙂

Kid Kick Freestanding bag

 $179 plus tax
Purchase Here