Pre-Order New Hoodies, Shirts, Mugs, Seminars, Memberships & More

We have never been more excited to build and re-open the school of the future for Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi. We opened our first school in Texas in 1991, which means 2021 will be our 30th year and the perfect time to reinvent our school. New floor mats, deposits, finish out, decorations and signage (the mock ups are pictured above on the actual school front and roadside) will cost near 20K which is tough during a pandemic shutdown, so we are hoping to mobilize everyone to help us by ordering merchandise, weapons, seminars, and more. Help your favorite school and get fun stuff in the process!


Orders are picked up locally. If you live out of town and would like something shipped, Master Joe & Sheryl will personally take it to the post office- they just ask that you cover shipping & handling.


Thank you to EVERYONE and happy shoppin!

*Orders Are For Austin Pick-Up Only!

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