Our Annual Shaolin-Do Tournament

We have one big tournament each year (usually the 3rd or 4th weekend in February) and it's surrounded by rank advancement testing with Grandmaster Sin, and special seminars that he teaches the day after the tournament! Plan to be a part of it all!!

It's a day like no other! It's full of energy, fun and excitement ALL DAY. It is infused with the spirit of friendship, community and pride. Kids, Siblings, Parents, Adult Students, their Spouses, Grandparents, Friends, ....everyone comes and participates, cheers and is inspired to work at something they love even harder than they had been working at it before.

The Biggest Award

The biggest award of the day? The Participation Award! We aren't testing your skills so much as your ability to throw your hat over the wall or your hat into the ring, or wherever you want to throw that hat.... It takes courage to participate in a tournament, whether you are demonstrating a form or sparring or both. And that step, is an important step in moving you forward and upward to where you want to be in life! So YES, that is the most important award of the day!


The Competition

Tournament Ready - Listening to M. Joe

Tournament Ready - Listening to M. Joe

The kids compete first and are usually done by lunchtime. The adult teachers judge their rings and do their very best (sometimes it's difficult to judge a sparring match between two 4 year olds!). The kids usually get trophies as opposed to medals, as they like them more, and we award 1st through 4th place and participation trophies to those who don't place 1st through 4th. They can spar, they can do a form (open hand and/or weapon) or if they are very young and don't have long forms yet, they can demonstrate their short katas, sparring techniques or self-defense techniques. The very youngest and newest beginners can demonstrate their stances, kicks and punches.

Read Here to find out more of the benefits of a tournament and why the earlier you begin, the better.


The teens and adults begin after the kids are done. Divisions are based on age, size and ranks. They too, can compete with weapons forms, open hand forms and/or sparring. All 1782417_10203043943361429_1398749688_othree categories are included in the price. And if the student is in kung fu and tai chi, the same price covers competition in both genres. There is also a women's division as many women do not wish to compete with the more aggressive and muscular men, though they can if they want wish. The adults usually get medals and anyone not placing 1st through 4th gets a participation medal. The final matches for 1st and 2nd place take place during the evening demonstration. Read here to find out how competition is different for an adult and why that's all the more reason to try it.

Some of our

Some of our "esteemed" judge



We break for a meal (lots of places nearby to eat) and a little rest, then your entry wristband gets you into the evening demonstration for free.

The Evening Demo

That evening, we have a huge demonstration of many, many cool weapon and open hand 1980158_10203051574472202_373461900_oforms put to music. Groups, adults, kids, women, instructors,...perform and inspire. Master Joe is the emcee, and is great at elevating all of us all evening with his praise and explanations of what is being demonstrated. Those who tested into brown through higher black belt levels that week are announced. 1891501_10203043947521533_84967095_oGrandmaster Sin is there all day. Again....words cannot convey how amazing the day is for all of us. You will NOT want to miss it. And we always need many people to help it run smoothly, so even if you can't or aren't ready to compete, you can still participate as a volunteer and a member of the school!10006022_10203051575152219_188786698_o

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