Some Fun Videos

Demo at Chinese New Year Festival 2020, Austin Chinatown.

Some slow and dramatic spear practice in the back parking lot. Plum Flower Spear.

Some kids class footage

A look at the large commuinity we serve on Saturdays.

Some awesome drone and steady cam footage of Tai Chi

A 2 minute video about our school

A parent made this amazing video

From class at the corner of Rutland and Burnet (Berts). Paul Davis running class for me. About 2003. You can see many current students in this group if you look hard. Sorry the resolution is so bad.

A little video i put together to get everyone interested in Grandmaster Sin teaching “Tai Chi Stick That Beats The Dog”

Some moves and applications from Shaolin Bird System (2nd degree brown belt)

Some moves and applications from White Crane (3rd brown belt)

Flying Tiger Comes Our Of The Cave (Yellow belt)

Giant Bird Spreads Its Wings (Blue belt)

Fist Of LuoHan (Green belt)


Grandmaster Sin tells the story of 1965, the painting of him chopping wood. This was an interview I did on a cassette player in 2002. 16 minutes long about how he started it all here in the US.

Here is a video from my marketing agency, to see the other side of my life.

Grandmaster Sin’s flexibility training. This was before he had his knee injuries repaired and still he is kicking higher than most of us. I filmed it in his backyard in LA about 2016

In 1994 our school was in a place called “The Dojo” on anderson lane. The owner put together a new event based on the UFC. About 20 fighters came in from all over Austin to fight full contact. I fought a professional boxer and his fighting name was “Bam” (not kidding). I had no idea the previous year he had told the same crowd that next year he was going to come in a fight any two of them at once and win. Master Sheryl was filming.

Here is a little video showing Grandmaster Sin’s backyard at his home in LA

Grandmaster Sin demonstrates the fighting of 8 Animal Pa Kua on Elder Master Bill Leonard (now 9th degree black belt). Phoenix, Dragon, Bear, Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Horse, Eagle

In 1995 we did this demonstration after a full contact fight.