Austin Martial Arts Classes

Austin Martial Arts Classes, Online And In-Person

Now is the time to start changing your life. Martial arts classes can improve your way of living in countless ways, and Austin Kung Fu is here with the best program in the city. We’ve spent 30 years in Austin teaching adult kung fu, kids’ kung fu, adult tai chi, and senior tai chi. Our community is strong and supportive, and our students have reported revolutionary changes to their quality of life since starting martial arts. Here are just a few of the benefits of learning with us:


  • Improve Balance, Flexibility, and Focus
  • Work On Breathing & Meditation
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  • Beciome A Part Of A Friendly, Supportive Community
  • Strengthen Memory
  • Lose Weight and Build Muscle

We are the only Austin martial arts classes that are offered both fully online over Zoom, AND socially-distanced onsite at our studio. All you need for at-home instruction is a webcam and some space to move, and our excellent live instructors can teach you new forms right in your living room. We’ve had dozens of students begin classes during the pandemic without ever attending in person, and they’ve become a major part of our Kung Fu family. If you’re looking for in-person instruction, we also offer limited capacity onsite classes at our brand new studio on Research Blvd in Austin. All ages and levels are welcome to either OR both of these programs.


During difficult times, we still need to be able to work on ourselves. We need an outlet for our energy, a place to find community, and a way to stay healthy. Martial arts provides all of these things and then some. Whether you feel more comfortable staying at home, or if you’re itching for in-person learning, there is a program for you. All ages are welcome. We’ve taught 4-year-olds kung fu techniques, 75-year-olds relaxing tai chi, and everyone in between. You’re welcome to take as many classes as you can fit in your schedule, and we don’t require contracts. There’s never been a better time to join our Austin martial arts family. 

Tour Our Brand New School, Open For In-Person Learning: