8910 Research Blvd E-1,
First turn past Pinballz On 183

Austin, TX 78758


Read about our school’s features and decor below:

Some of the 25+ weapons we teach. Above is a scroll with all 108 Outlaws Of the Marsh From Chinese Legend

Wall-sized mural of a Dragon and Snake. Both are animal forms we teach, but more important they are the ziodiac animals for Master Joe and Master Sheryl.

Every students learns weapons like the famous Kwan Dao, Sword, Spear, Staff, Two-Edge Sword, Chain Whip, and more…. You can also see our Shaolin Wooden man.

Master Sheryl and Master Joe have a combined amount of training totaling over 70 years. Here you see their 8th and 6th degree black belt certificates next to their Masters and Doctorates from UT in Physiology.

General Kwan Yu, the famous symbol of virtue and honor from the Three Kingdoms era. He is shown here with the weapon named after him, the Kwan Dao.

The statues on either end are of the founder of Shaolin and Chan (Zen) Buddhism, Damo. He is punching in the position of our short form #1 “Damo Enters The Gate”. In the middle is the symbol of compassion, KwanYin. We have many moves named for her in our forms.

8910 Reasearch Blvd Suite E-1

We are on the Southbound Access Road of 183, Behind The Pinballz Arcade

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