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Kids Kung Fu


“My grandaughter is 7 and had ADHD. I searched for six months for the right school, trying the free classes in each, and I finally found it. Patricia has only been attending for two months but already there is a marked increase in her confidence and agility. She is very proud of what she has achieved. I will certainly recommend your school and plan to put my two younger grandsons in it when they are old enough.”

Lee, 2017
Families & Kung Fu


I have been in this school for about two months practicing both Kung Fu and Tai Chi. The instructors are amazing at teaching the material. Every single one I have encountered cares about whether the students learn and are approachable, patient, and friendly. Within these two months, I can definitely say I have found a second family. Everyone is so helpful and supportive of each other.

In terms of each class, there is never a time I regret going. As a matter of fact, I’ll regret if I am not able to go. Every opportunity I have, I attend that day’s class because there is always some sort of gift waiting for me, whether it be revitalizing my motivation, learning a wise lesson, or even just achieving a degree of inner peace. You might think this is just from Tai Chi since it is the Internal Art, but these gifts are most definitely brought upon through Kung Fu as well. I at first thought I would come home exhausted from working out, but on the contrary, it brings about a physical AND mental boost that will allow me to continue through my day at 100%.  

One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Diego, 2017


If you’re looking for a school that promotes positivity, strength, discipline and respect, it doesn’t get any better than Shaolin-do. Both of my children, a girl and a boy, went through the programs overseen by Master Joe and his fantastic team. Both kids are black belts. Their years-long experience at Shaolin-do gave them confidence, improved their physical fitness and flexibility, and helped form them into wonderful people. Over the years, I have referred others into the school and they’ve stuck around too.
This is a wonderful, no-nonsense community. Our family is grateful for the experience and we can’t recommend it enough.

Janis, 2019

Improved Physically and Mentally

Tai Chi


I have found a truly wonderful and supportive community of people. I’ve made new friends that are also teachers and training partners. It’s good exercise and I always feel better at the end of class than I did at the beginning. Joining the Austin Shaolin-Do family is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. I hope that you’ll feel the same after you join.

Paul, 2018