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Beginning November 1st, 2021, masks are optional in adult classes.


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We’ve been teaching Tai Chi in Austin for over 30 years now, and we’ve seen the many ways it has improve countless people’s lives. 



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About Us

30 Years In Austin

After moving to Texas for grad school, Joe Schaefer and Sheryl Schaefer decided to switch gears and start teaching one of their favorite hobbies: Kung Fu. They wanted to build a community that was fun, friendly, and supportive, where people of all ages could learn traditional martial arts without any hidden prices or big egos. Now, 30 years later, Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi is a strong and supportive family that’s still growing every day. Thousands of students have passed through their school, and the martial arts community they helped build has expanded into several more cities.

Our Tai Chi program has especially expanded over the years. We now offer a special class for seniors, in addition to the hundreds of adults we’ve helped find their focus & peace with this ancient internal art.


The Essence Of Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi

This video, shot in 2017, showcases the positive community we strive to create in our school. After being at this location for 10 years, we went fully online for most of the pandemic. NOW, we’ve moved to a new, bigger studio space in North Austin and are excited for the future. 

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