A Word

From The Owners

Your personal journey to live life at a higher level is much like a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs. There is fun and also fear. We want you to know that we are honored to be on the ride with you. We are there in our own seats, for every twist and turn with you.

Masters Joe and SherylSchaefer

Master Joe Schaefer

8th Degree Black Belt, PhD in Neurophysiology

  • 32 years teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi
  • 7 Years Teaching University-level Physiology
  • Published Researcher
  • Certified Trainer In Open Focus Attentional Method & Neurosynchrony
  • Has Personally Mentored Thousands of Students

Master Sheryl Schaefer

7th Degree Black Belt, Masters Degree In Physiology

  • 25 years Teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
  • 8 Years Teaching University-Level Physiology, Entomology, & Developmental Biology
  • 10+ Years Facilitating Women’s Empowerment Retreats and Seminars.
  • Has Personally Mentored Thousands of Students

Years in Austin



In 1991...

After moving to Texas for grad school, Joe Schaefer and Sheryl Schaefer decided to switch gears and start teaching one of their favorite hobbies: Kung Fu. They wanted to build a community that was fun, friendly, and supportive, where people of all ages could learn traditional martial arts without any hidden prices or big egos. Now, over 30 years later, Austin Kung Fu is a strong and tight-knit family that’s still growing every day.


Women In Kung Fu

Master Sheryl started her training in 1988 as the only woman in the school. Once she achieved black belt she made it her priority to make the school as female friendly, inclusive and empowering, as possible. The school is now a huge, diverse and supportive family where everyone can thrive.

Are You Over 50?

What comes as a big surprise to some people is that martial arts isn’t really about learning how to fight at all, but about learning how to be the best you can be…at any age. It’s about bringing strength and balance to your life, your health, and your spirit by doing something that engages you mentally, creatively, and physically. Are you over 50 and looking for ways to keep growing?

Giving Back To The Community

Our community gets involved where they can. Read about our ventures into knitting for charity, golfing for breast cancer, collecting items for Austin’s homeless, and etc.

Shaolin History

The historians of nearly every Asian martial art acknowledge Shaolin as the ancestral art. The Shaolin temple system was actually a martial arts research institution, with thousands of monks working 12 hours a day to perfect the art of self-defense. Shaolin-Do History is very rich.

Kung Fu Families

One of the greatest joys we have experienced since starting the Austin Shaolin-Do school is what happens when you bring a lot of like-minded people together…..love! Friendships, Marriages and Babies have come about from classmates meeting at our schools!