Senior Tai Chi Program

  • Boost Memory 
  • Improve Cognitive Skills
  • Improves leg strength
  • Improves balance
  • Achieve Mindfulness
  • Reduce Stress

Seniors Can Benefit The Most From Tai Chi


Try One Of Our Tai Chi Classes

  • Multiple Class Options
  • Daytime Class Options
  • No Contracts
  • Senior (60+) get 30% off our regular prices
  • Free trial session

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As A Beginner You’ll Learn

Learn the basic postures, body alignment, stepping, Chi Kung breathing techniques and above all relax and enjoy Tai Chi.

A Place To Grow, Make New Friends and Reach For New Personal Goals

Our students find a new passion that is engaging and leads to a longer healthy life.

Tai Chi

Makes life Better

Master Joe & Master Sheryl have taught Tai Chi for almost 35 years. In addition, they taught university level physiology courses. The combination of their passion to teach and their experience makes them truly master-level teachers.


Become Stronger and Balanced with Practice


Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline


Find Your New Happy Place


Slow and Patient Teachers


Supportive and Encouraging Community

We Are The

Best In Austin

What happens when a neuroscientist and physiologist from UT are also masters of Tai Chi and own a school? That school becomes the BEST IN AUSTIN!

I have found a truly wonderful and supportive community of people. I've made new friends that are also teachers and training partners. It's good exercise (you will sweat doing some of the forms) and I always feel better at the end of class than I did at the beginning. Joining the Austin Shaolin-Do family is one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. I hope that you'll feel the same after you join.

Paul K.

Having found Master Joe and Master Sheryl, owners of the Austin Kung Fu and Tai Chi School, I've experienced how they literally put their heart and soul into teaching and making their school a welcoming environment for persons of all ages. If nothing else, the comradery, commitment, and longevity of their students says more about who Master Joe and Sheryl are than any review could.

Rod M.

The school is a community where we are motivated mentally and physically and can grow and learn together. Master Joe and Master Sheryl provide a supportive and caring environment where students can thrive and be their best selves. The tai chi program provides endless learning opportunities that continue for a lifetime.

Lesa W.

Tai Chi Is A Daily Health Practice That Pays Off A Hundred Fold In Terms Of Physical and Mental Longevity