Austin Kung Fu Helps Kids Increase:
Mental Focus
Inner Confidence In Every Situation
Inner Discipline and Perseverance

Our Austin Kids Martial Arts class encourages patience, self-discipline, personal responsibility, empowerment, fitness and of course, self-defense skill. We teach your children in a supportive and fun environment.

You will love to watch them grow and transform as they move up in rank through our system. There is nothing magical about getting a black belt; the magic is who your child becomes on the way to that goal.


Kung Fu Austin

Preparing for Rank Advancement

Austin Kung Fu Helps Adults Awaken:
Instinctive Self-Defense Skill
A Mentally Empowered Attitude
Inner Discipline and Perseverance

The Austin Kung Fu Adult Program works by transforming a person's fitness, energy, flexibility and health measures like blood pressure. Chinese martial arts are a great form of exercise even for older adults. When you combine this new physical feeling with the positive mental state that comes from achieving and exceeding what you thought possible, you will find unbelievable confidence and personal power.

We teach an effective form of self-defense that is 1500 years old. Kung Fu was made famous in the US by Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li , but our style has been in the US since 1964.  You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start, to become great.



Austin Tai Chi Leads Adults To:
Greater Mental Peace
Balanced and Energetic Health
Greater Mental Focus and Clarity

Tai Chi Chuan (Grand ultimate fist) is an ancient Chinese practice of slow-moving, mindfulness practice appropriate for adults of any age, even older adults. Learning Tai Chi encourages relaxation, improves balance,  leads to deeper breathing, full-body awareness, smooth distribution of energy (Chi) throughout the body and in general improved health conditions..

At Austin Tai Chi we move slow and gentle, but the energy and power you'll feel will amaze you. Our internal curriculum includes regular Chi Kung breathing exercises. We also have a senior class that meets once a week for an even slower pace. And modification of movement is always welcome when you're dealing with a chronic injury or state.


Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi Reviews

Charles Baker
Charles Baker
15:09 09 Feb 18
Everyone at Austin Kung fu is very welcoming whi ch made it more comfortable being there for my first time.
Will Davis
Will Davis
18:41 19 Jul 17
I have been training with Master Joe for 6 years, and spent a total of 12 in the system. The curriculum is fantastic and there is never a class where you don't feel like you haven't learned something. There is such a great camaraderie between students which makes the classes that much more enjoyable.Classes are accommodating to people of varying degrees of fitness. Don't feel intimidated if you've sat on the couch for years. Master Joe and his instructors have the skill and patience to inspire anyone to achieve great things, both in and out of class.
Estela Aragon
Estela Aragon
23:55 06 Jul 17
I LOVE this school and everyone in it. I started doing Kung Fu with absolutely no previous experience in anything similar on May 29th 2017 and haven't looked back since. The owners Master Joe and his wife Master Sheryl are not only extremely talented but also super nice and sweet people. They really do care about all their students. I unfortunately sprained my foot and Master Sheryl suspended all my payments until I recover, and Master Joe even offered complimentary Tai Chi lessons when I start walking again. After I get over this sprain I will be back to earn my yellow belt for sure. If you are like me and could never find a workout you could stick to, trust me, this is it. We are a family here and everyone is genuinely concerned with everyone else's well being. If you're on the fence about it, just come over and spend one night with us. You won't regret it!
Aaron Kolb
Aaron Kolb
17:21 20 Jun 17
It's been years since my dad and I came here in fact they where over on burnet when I was here last. Joe was always very helpful in making share that everybody in the class got the materialthe students need to move on before moving on to the next belt level. I'm glade to see that he's still in business and hope he well be for sometime do to the great teaching and classes.
Tai Le
Tai Le
22:48 13 Sep 16
Great sport for kids and adults. 2 of our sons were here few years back and our 3rd one is enrolling too...
Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer
19:07 14 Mar 18
Both of my children go to the North Austin Shaolin Do Kung Fu school. My youngest has been attending for over two years, first in the Tiger Program and now as a Dragon. My oldest has been a Dragon for just over one year. Both kids love the school and the instructors. The kids move up in rank approximately every 2-3 months - just enough to keep them invested but not enough that testing into a new belt loses meaning. I highly recommend this school for any families interested in martial arts for their kids.
Bernard Ortiz
Bernard Ortiz
13:31 16 Mar 18
I have been a student with North Austin Kung Fu for over 10 years. Over that time, I've been injured, had some kids, enrolled the kids, and re-enroleld myself. Many places teach martial arts, but here, you learn a deep and complex art with a great group of people that are a community. They are more interested in developing you as a person - applying the principles of the arts into your life - than they are in taking each student for as much money as they could. This is not a school for someone who wants to learn how to compete in MMA. This is a school for someone who is looking for a home to learn, get fit, and wants to improve their lives in general. After time off (as in a few years) from a back injury, I was way out of shape. The structure of the classes is such that I could take the time I needed to get back into shape, and now, continue to push the envelope with what I can personally do. I now watch my two kids grow within the system and apply what they learn to their own lives.
kelly jones
kelly jones
20:26 19 Mar 18
What started as a family event to explore Tai Chi has turned out becoming a family lifestyle as we enjoy both Tai Chi as well as Kung Fu. The community at North Austin Kung Fu are more than welcoming and the most encouraging folks you'll meet. Knowledgeable in both the history as well as modern application, there is no place better to stretch yourself than North Austin Kung Fu.
Jo Worthy
Jo Worthy
21:18 03 Apr 18
Wonderful people. Wonderful instruction. My grandson has made so much progress, and he loves it.
Ernst Plassmann
Ernst Plassmann
21:56 09 Oct 18
My wife and I were looking for an activity that we could participate in together in retirement. We chose to try the Tai Chi program in 2017. The classes have helped us to improve our mental and physical fitness at a pace we set.Since then, I've started to participate in Kung-Fu classes for additional exercise and as a personal challenge.We've been welcomed into the school community, and have really enjoyed our time at the school.
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Kung Fu Austin Family

2005 The Family that Kicks Together, Sticks Together!

Master Joe and Master Sheryl Schaefer have been training and teaching martial arts together for 30 years. They opened their first Shaolin-Do school in 1987 and have had a school and students ever since. They have used their own training to transform and fuel their own personal growth.  Both attended undergraduate training in Biology after being newly married, working full-time to pay their tuition and running a growing martial art school in Bloomington, Indiana.  In 1991 they moved to Austin,Texas and started graduate school at UT. Master Sheryl studied insect physiology and Master Joe studied neurophysiology. Their martial art club became an off-campus  school and moved to it’s first full-time location in 1995. Master Joe got his Doctorate in 1997 and Master Sheryl got her Masters degree in 1998. After much careful thought they both decided that they could have a greater positive impact on the world within their growing community than they could in science.

In 1999 they took a huge leap and opened a much larger facility in North Austin and now operated schools in North and South Austin, as well as San Marcos and San Antonio. Over the next 4 years, together they would open an additional 5 schools in other parts of the country. Master Sheryl would help grow the presence of women in the adult programs until the school eventually had  women all the way to highest ranked students. In 2019, Master Joe was promoted to 8th degree black belt by Grandmaster Sin, and in 2017 Master Sheryl  was promoted to 6th degree black belt.  This placed Master Joe and Master Sheryl as the highest ranked Shaolin-Do teachers in the entire Southwestern United States, and Master Sheryl as one of the highest ranked female practitioners in the entire system.

They continue to train students from white belt all the way to 6th degree black belt and are involved in directly teaching more than 10 classes per week each. They continue to develop the programs and incorporate principles of personal development and transformation into the martial art training. That is the reason why the North Austin Shaolin-Do is the largest one of its kind in the world.

Pflugerville Kung Fu, Plfugerville Tai Chi

Pictured Above: This is the newly restored Southern Shaolin Temple in Fuching, Fujian Province China. Master Joe took this picture when he visited in July 2015 with the Shaolin-Do Grandmaster. The Southern Temple is the birthplace of the Shaolin-Do lineage and Fuching is the ancestral hometown for Grandmaster Sin.

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4 Reasons To Pick Our School

  1. MORE CLASSES: We want you to train as often as you can. We don't limit your schedule for our teaching convenience. Why Shaolin? Where else can you attend 10-13 fully instructed adult classes per week for one price? Most Schools in Austin Limit Your Training Time. They charge high prices but they set limits, rules and regulations on your attendance.
  1. MORE MATERIAL: We teach you more material. Shaolin-Do has more material to learn before reaching black belt than most schools teach in their entire curriculum. The skills and Shaolin forms are taught in a logical and progressive way, so that all students, regardless of their initial physical ability, will achieve skill levels beyond their expectations. Why Shaolin? Because you will not get bored, you will always find forms that work for your body type and personality and you will always grow.
  1. MORE TEACHERS: Excellent teachers. Each class has multiple instructors in order to provide a more personal learning environment. Students with previous martial art experience tell me that our school has an atmosphere like no other they have tried. We want every class to be a great experience for you. Why Shaolin? You will quickly find that everyone at our school loves what they do and loves to help you have a great class everytime!
  1. MORE SPACE: We provide well-equipped training spaces.The training spaces are large and safe. North & South Austin are floored with safety mats to protect joints and spines while training. They are both spacious with high ceilings. Why Shaolin? The atmosphere is clean, safe, inspiring and positive. Cedar Park Kung Fu, Cedar Park Tai Chi

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