少林武俠 (Shaolin Wu Xia)

Shaolin Martial Hero

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Program

for Veterans & First Responders 20% Discount Off All Classes

  • Reintegrating Mind and Body Through Movement
  • Improves Overall Fitness & Endurance
  • Enhances Mental Calm and Focus
  • Supplies Community of Support & Camaraderie
  • Increases Strength, Flexibility & Balance

Master Joe’s Father pictured right. Served in the Navy in World War II.

Sifu Gary Hart, Air Force Reserve 13 Years
4th Degree Black Belt

Lee Denton, Army 3 Years
Kung Fu Green Belt

Paul Kirby, Navy 6 Years
Tai Chi Brown Sash

Master Cory Machado, US Army 6 Years
Kung Fu 5th Degree Black Belt

Derek Hill, 20 Year Sheriff’s department
Kung Fu Brown Belt

Erik Atkinson, 10 Years APD & Medical First Responder. Tai Chi 2nd Degree Black Sash Kung Fu 3rd Degree Black Belt



“Tai Chi proves feasible and beneficial for vets with PTSD”


“…Reduce pain, improve emotion, memory, and physical function.”


“Mind-body practices are associated with positive impacts on PTSD symptoms”


Why is everyone talking about Tai Chi?

It is very low impact but still lowers blood pressure, increases balance, reduces stress and tension, increases flexibility and leads to feelings of peacefulness. If you can stand and walk you can learn and do Tai Chi. Doctors recommend it for rehab from injury, improving balance & leg strength in seniors, for helping adults and teens with stress, anxiety, and attentional challenges. See our links below regarding tai chi and PTSD

Why is everyone talking about the Tai Chi classes at Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi?

Master Joe, & Master Sheryl, along with their team of instructors, many of whom are also veterans, are truly dedicated to creating a supportive, friendly and relaxing atmosphere for learning, and it shows.



Tai Chi is meditation in motion. Chi Kung are deep breathing exercises that have been shown in study after study to raise quality of life. Tai Chi increases calmness, peacefulness and relaxation. 


Improves Balance & Flexibility

All the studies show that Tai Chi is better for increasing balance than physical therapy and other balance training methods. Students have less risk for falls. Overall flexibility increases through complete relaxation.


Increases Mental Sharpness

The most powerful part of learning Tai Chi just might be the very special impact it has on mental clarity and sharpness. As people age, we often experience “cognitive decline”. Tai Chi has been shown to slow and even reverse this process, but it also has many other health benefits.


Fun To Learn

You might not know that there are dozens of Tai Chi forms to learn. This keeps you interested and learning new things for years to come. This becomes your secret longevity strategy. Tai Chi forms teach patience and focus, tools which helps us both inside and outside the classroom.


Supportive Friends

As you learn these fascinating ancient movements, you will be surrounded by new friends that are on the same journey.

One weekly class is for veterans only and you can also take any of the other tai chi classes throughout the week.




Nothing has a better impact on your life than the pride of accomplishment. Quality of life comes from challenges met. And no one knows this better than veterans. Time to give back to yourself with a training that can help to calm the mind and spirit, re-energize and focus your new goals.

What Does Tai Chi Look Like?

Something So Beautiful Is So Healthy and Fun

You will be amazed at how great you feel after Tai Chi class. Relaxed, balanced, energized and accomplished. This ancient health practice was original a martial art that turned good fighters into great fighters. Now people use it for peak performance in all areas of life.  Our Tai Chi classes are offered both in studio and online. If you live in North Austin, our Tai Chi beginner classes are near you. 

What if I want to take Kung Fu?

You are certainly welcome to take kung fu instead or in addition to your tai chi training. If you are suffering from any post-traumatic stress symptoms, the medical community generally recommends tai chi and chigong for assistance with that, so please be advised. Kung Fu provides a physical outlet and greater strides in improving and maintaining fitness as well. It is physical, fun and a great distraction for anything! Physical and mental acuity are improved with the training, as well as endurance and balance.

Years Teaching Tai Chi

Satisfied Students

Tai Chi Forms Taught

Classes Each Week

How we are different

Master Joe and Master Sheryl Schaefer have dedicated over 30 years to teaching Kung Fu & Tai Chi. Everyone in their school knows that teaching and impacting lives is what motivates and inspires the Schaefers, not profit. They teach and lead from the heart and that is evident in every class. This is also why being able to provide discounted training for veterans and first responders is important to them. They have always offered a veterans discount, but have been applying for grants to offer a greater discount and to help reach out to more veterans with the news. Master Joe’s father was a Navy man, Master Sheryl’s was in the Marine Reserves. Some of the teachers in this program are veterans, law enforcement and first-responders and are happy to be involved.

They are one of the only schools that offer:

  • Unlimited attendance
  • No Contracts
  • No Increasing Priced Programs
  • Multiple instructors in every class.
  • Veterans/First Responder/Senior Discounts
  • Separate Senior Tai Chi Classes
  • Virtual and In-Person Instruction

More A Community Than A Business

There are NO OTHER schools like ours. Our students feel like family members to each other and to us. Are you looking for an inclusive community of friends and supporters. You found it at Austin Shaolin-Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

There Are Hundreds Of Scientific Articles On Tai Chi

From Our Clients

Want to read more reviews. We have over 50 5-star reviews between Google and Yelp.


I have found a truly wonderful and supportive community of people. I’ve made new friends that are also teachers and training partners. It’s good exercise and I always feel better at the end of class than I did at the beginning. Joining the Austin Shaolin-Do family is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. I hope that you’ll feel the same after you join

Paul Kirby

Tai Chi Student


 I can’t believe I’m coming up on 9 years studying martial arts with my son and daughter at Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi! My only regret is not starting my journey much earlier in life. You will fit in if you choose to join this school. All you have to do is take that first step.

Erik Atkinson

Kung Fu Family


My 9 yo son has been studying kung fu here for several years. He has grown a lot in that time, and is focused and dedicated in class. We appreciate the leadership here for their consistent warmth and guidance!

Victoria O'Neal

Parent Of Kid Student


Love both the Kung Fu and the Tai Chi classes. Instructors are great and also know how to teach and keep young students motivated! Granddaugher loves her classes and excels by competing in tournaments at 5 yrs old . Anyone having problems with focus, memory or balance can really benefit from these classes. Small group breakouts in each class enable students to learn at their own pace and level.

Lee Denton

Tai Chi Student