Are You Over 50?

Kung Fu or Tai Chi Can Be Started At Almost Any Age

Here are just a few of our “over fifty” kung fu and t’ai chi students at Shaolin-Do. Ranging from 50 to 62, you will notice that many of them are wearing black belts, some with two or three diamonds on them!

Are you over 50 and wishing for something unique and challenging in your life? Are you over 50 and thinking that you wish you had achieved the dream of a black belt you held growing up?

It is completely possible to study kung fu or t’ai chi with us as a fifty-something year old beginner. Some of the quotes below will illustrate to you what’s important to these students about their experience.

Like all students, beginners start slowly and gradually improve in strength, flexibility, memory, balance, stamina, and the list goes on and on. And like all students, some of these people started with little or no background in fitness or with health problems they were in search of solutions to, while others were already somewhat active and fit.

What comes as a big surprise to some people is that martial arts isn’t really about learning how to fight at all, but about learning how to be the best you can be…at any age. It’s about bringing strength and balance to your life, your health, and your spirit by doing something that engages you mentally, creatively, and physically. Are you over 50 and looking for ways to make new friends and keep growing? We make great friends of all ages at Shaolin-Do too, as you can see by these smiling faces. So don’t be afraid to give it a try. Most of these students didn’t think they’d still be studying kung fu or t’ai chi five years (or more) after they joined! But they found that they were stronger and healthier than ever and still having fun…so here they are!



Master Rob Stevens

5th degree black belt