Our Spring Tournament is almost here! Tigers age 4-6 through adults, Kung Fu & Tai Chi, and NEW Executive Divisions for ages 50 and up!

Tigers (age 4-6), Dragons (age 7-12), Jr. Black Belts, & young Black Belts (age 12-16).

Check-In and Competition Times**:
(NOTE **These are estimates, as we never know until that day, how many competitors we will have and therefore, some rings might take longer than others).
Trophies awarded for participation, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place. 🏆
Tigers (age 4-6) Check In: Begins at 9am
Tigers Competition Begins at 9:30
All kids age 7 and up must have sparring gear to compete in sparring (head, hand and foot).
Dragons (White thru green with white stripe) Check In: Begins at 10 am. Competition begins at 10:30
Dragons (Green thru full brown) Check In: 11 am. Competition begins at 11:30 am.
Jr. Black Belts/Young Black Belts Check In: 12:30pm. Competition begins at 1 PM
*We will divide these kids up by age, belt level and size (height/weight) for the most fair groups. If your young student attends adult classes, they can do either this competition or the adult competition on the 16th.

Adult & Executive (Ages 50+) Competitions

Teens who attend adult classes have the option to compete with the adults instead of the kids. We will match best by weight & size.
Times: (note that these may have to be adjusted slightly as MJ has not officially approved them yet).
9 AM Check In for white through blue belts (both age divisions)
Competition begins at 9:30 am
10 AM Check In for green and brown belts (both age divisions)
Competition begins at 10:30 am
Food will be available in the teachers lounge for judges only.
11:30 am Check In for Black Belts (both age divisions)
12 PM Competition begins
1:30 PM Check In for Tai Chi Students (both age divisions)
2 PM-4 PM Competition for Tai Chi students begins (both age divisions)

Cost for registration is $45 before April 8th, and $55 after the 8th.

If you would like to compete in both Kung Fu & Tai Chi, you can purchase registration for the second competition for an additional $20.

2023 Black Belt Banquet

April 22nd, 6-10 pm, at Dave & Busters
Deadline to Register is Monday the 17th!

This year will be our 15th banquet, and if you ask those who attend, they will tell you they wouldn’t miss it. It’s a chance to get together with our black belt, black sash brothers and sisters and celebrate our community and our accomplishments. Any Shaolin-Do school black belts/sashes can attend. Those who tested or were promoted the previous year are presented with a special, large certificate that can ONLY be given at this banquet. Special awards are given. There’s a prize drawing. A new little movie to watch each year that cannot really be described. The food is good and the company is the best! Once you get that first black belt or black sash, you should attend EVERY year to continue to forge that bond of community. Guests are allowed, but every person who attends must pay $50/person. Wear something casual/dressy.

The $50 includes…

Prices are up everywhere these days and Dave & Busters is no exception, so the per person cost for the banquet this year is $50. It includes your buffet meal (seen below), and unlimited tea, coffee or soda. Any adult beverages must be purchased separately. We ask that you not bring small children, as it is dangerous for them to move around amongst the wait staff and there will be some speeches and presentations that require quiet. Little ones get quite bored.

Buffet includes: BBQ Brisket, BBQ Chicken Breast,Southern Cobb Salad,Cowboy Baked Beans,Baked Mac & Cheese, Garlic roasted herb potatoes, Cornbread, and Strawberry Shortcake

If you tested in August or February and plan to be there, let us know ASAP so your name is on the list to receive a certificate. We need your name for the certificate, what you tested into, and whether. itwas in August or February (or both). Email us at austinshaolin@gmail.com

Kung Fu and Tai Chi

8910 Research Blvd E-1
First turn past Pinballz on 183
The take driveway slightly uphill to warehouse park.
Austin, TX 78758