2022 Upcoming Seminars & Events

Two-Handed Sword Seminar
From 9am -1 pm Sat. Aug. 20th


Grandmaster Sin Thé will be teaching the Shaolin Suang Shou Chien — Shaolin Two-Handed Sword form Saturday August 20th at our school. The Two-Handed Sword was originally used by the generals to cut through the armor of their opponents. Originally the sword was a two edge sword but made of ultra thick combat steel and the length is from the ground to your chest (RN17). Those are expensive and it will be too crowded to wield that many long swords in the seminar. So we will have two handed, bamboo shinai available for sale at the school for $27 plus tax. If you’d prefer to order a metal two-handed sword, we will take orders that day.


The form has six sections with a total of 48 postures. This particular form is influenced a lot by the twisting of the waist from Pa Kua to generate a whirlwind style of power. It is almost like using Snake Pa Kua with a weapon in hand! Come learn this form and show your support for Grandmaster Sin.


Register Here for Sword Seminar $90
(sword not included)
Register here for bamboo shinai practice sword $27 plus tax

PhequeFo Tai Chi Seminar
From 3-5 pm Sat. Aug 20th


Grandmaster Sin will teach the Phequefo Tai Chi form Saturday August 20th as well! It is four sections and contains thirty-nine postures. Unlike Yang style Tai Chi, which is slow, and Chen style Tai Chi, which is both slow and explosive, this animal style Tai Chi form is very smooth, yet fast. For those who do not know, the ‘mythical’ phequefo is an indigenous bird in China that is similar to a grouse.
Both seminars are open to all Jr. BBs, Teens and Adults in Kung Fu or Tai Chi.


Register Here for Both Seminars at $150


Online Registration Will Be Turned Off Friday Evening (8/19), But You Can Still Register At the Door

 🌧Weather Updates & Holiday Closures:🌧

No weather closures this week.


Saturday August 20th: No regular classes due to Grandmaster’s Seminars (kids can do make ups during the weekday classes).
Monday Sept 5th: Labor Day (Kids can do make up classes on Wed 7th)
Monday Oct 31st: Halloween (Kids can do make up classes on Wed 2nd)
Wednesday November 23rd & Thursday November 24th for Thanksgiving
Sat, Sun and Mon. December 24th, 25th, 26th for Christmas Holidays
Sat, Sun Dec. 31st and Jan 1st closed for regular classes HOWEVER Shaolin New Year Workout will be Sun January 1st at 1 pm! Open to all jr. BB kids, teens, and adult kung fu students.