How Can Kung Fu & Tai Chi Make Life Better?


  • ENERGIZE Yourself Everyday
  • REDUCE Stress, Tension and Anxiety
  • EXPLODE Confidence & Self-Assurance
  • SUPER-CHARGE Your Attitude
  • TRANSFORM Health & Fitness

Discover Our Four Unique Martial Arts Programs:

30 Years In Austin

Started in 1991 by Masters Joe & Sheryl Schaefer, Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi has been creating a strong, supportive community for the last three decades.  This school has been through everything together and we’re still kicking (and punching).

We’re always welcoming beginners into our martial arts family. In 2021, our 30th year, we’re proud to offer both online ZOOM instruction as well as socially-distanced onsite classes at our new gorgeous location. 

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Just A Few Testimonials…

 Kung Fu Student

“I moved to Austin looking for a community, and boy did I find one! The students and teachers at the school are constantly uplifting and also pushing growth not just in martial arts, but through supporting positive lifestyles and habits that encourage personal growth on all levels. Learning the style has been a blast, and Master Joe and Master Sheryl foster the most positive martial arts experience I’ve had. It’s great exercise with good people, and just as importantly it’s a lot of FUN!.”


Kung Fu Student

 “Like most of us in Martial Arts, we have looked and tried for years to find a School and Teacher that we feel comfortable,, well one day, by luck I saw the sign and stopped at Shaolin Kung fu, Master Joseph was there and was so patience and welcoming with me that I continued going,, now its been 3 years and can confirm that I found not only 2 great, knowledgeable and caring Teachers in Master Sheryl and Master Joe, but also many more Teachers and friends, I confirm that we call it the Shaolin Kung fu family !

Gregorio and Irma

Kung Fu Student

 “I was looking for a place to start my Martial Arts journey and found Austin Kung-Fu and Tai Chi. Master Joe made my first virtual visit to the Dojo easy to understand and he shared different options with me and what would work best. Since then, I have attended both in person and virtual classes and have had some solid progression each week. It’s nice to have a sense of accomplishment in a welcoming and friendly environment. Thank you Master Joe and Master Sheryl.”

Isaiah Martinez

Kung Fu Student

“This school’s online kung fu and tai chi classes are the best you’ll find anywhere. And, for the best price! The owners, Master Joe Schaefer and Master Sheryl Schaefer, are dedicated to providing adults and children alike with the best experience possible for exercise, encouragement, and advancement in martial arts skills. They also offer retreats and workshops as added opportunities for personal insight, growth, and development. When you join the school, you join a strong community of support. I have been with the school for 20 years. It is an essential part of my life journey. The potential for learning and growth is endless. If you want a school that really cares about you and that will help you become the best you can be, this is the place to be.”

Lesa Walker