Our Growing Families

One of the greatest joys we have experienced since starting the Austin Shaolin-Do school is what happens when you bring a lot of like-minded people together…..love! Friendships, Marriages and Babies have come about from classmates meeting at our schools!

I’d love to put every single family member on this page but there are too many. Whole families join together, or sometimes a child is enrolled and pretty soon, one or both parents can’t take it anymore and they have to enroll too! It’s awesome!

But in addition to those ready-made families. Sometimes, two strangers meet at our school and magic happens. So for fun, I’m going to post some of the pics of the couples from Shaolin-Do and the babies born of Shaolin-Do parents (either one or both parents being students, who didn’t necessarily meet at our school, but had a baby while they were enrolled).

NOTE** Some of these are grandkids of students. Some of them are San Antonio students because they came from Master Ryan’s school and Master Ryan is one of Master Joe’s students 🙂 (I guess I better collect D.C., Dallas, New Orleans and Florida too then….)

If I missed you, I may just not have a picture – send me one!