Our Pflugerville location is permanently closed.


Our North Austin location is OPEN. Try an intro class today for free and get low rates with NO contracts. 


30 Years In Austin

Since 1991, Austin Kung Fu & Tai Chi has been teaching thousands of students martial arts while building a supportive community. In 2021 we are stronger than ever, and our family is always expanding.

Traditional Chinese animal-style kung fu. This external martial art is full of fun sparring techniques, self-defense, open-hand and weapons forms. Good for improving your self-confidence,  fitness, and strengthening memory. 

We have the largest kids’ kung fu program in Austin, teaching children self-confidence and self-discipline with fun, organized curriculum. They’ll feel a sense of achievement with every belt test, and learn life lessons in the process.

This ancient internal art is excellent for calming your mind, improving balance & flexibility, and relieving stress or anxiety. Learn soothing open hand and weapons forms, as well as techniques to bring into everyday life.


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Try a free in-person beginner class. Masks are optional for adult classes at this time.