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You can reserve a seat (s) in the Year of Change Workshop and/or The Balance and Breath seminar.

You will be charged the day of the seminar at the door. If you are unhappy with the quality of the breakthrough information presented then you can ask for a full refund for that first seminar.


While the Year of Change Workshop meets each month, you can drop at anytime.

Reserve Your Seat For Free

A Word

From The Founders

Your personal journey to live life at a higher level is much like a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs. There is fun and also fear. We want you to know that we are honored to be on the ride with you. We are there in our own seats, for every twist and turn with you.

Masters Joe and Sheryl Schaefer

Master Joe Schaefer

8th degree black belt, PhD in Neurophysiology

  • 32 years teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi
  • 7 Years Teaching Univeristy level physiology
  • Published Researcher
  • Certified Trainer/Coach In Open Focus Attentional Method
  • Certified Neuosynchrony Feedback Coach
  • Has personally mentored over 5000 students

Master Sheryl Schaefer

6th degree black belt, Masters Degree In Physiology

  • 25 years teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
  • 8 Years teaching Univeristy level Physiology, Entomology, & Developmental Biology
  • 10+ Years facilitating Women’s empowerment retreats and seminars.
  • Has personally taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi to over a thousand adults.

Martial Art Students Taught

COmbined Years Teaching Science

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