Annual Spring Tournament

Everyone can be involved at every level to experience this incredible community event!


Saturday February 29th 

Adult & Kids Competition



Kung Fu & Tai Chi Competitions



Open Hand & Weapon Form

Exit Your Comfort Zone & Find Freedom & Confidence!

This is an exciting week at our school and happens every spring and fall. It starts with upper belt testing into levels of brown and black belt in front of Grandmaster Sin Kwang The’!

Then all day Saturday we celebrate our training with the tournament. Meeting students from other Shaolin-Do schools and testing our skills, it is always a super positive experience and motivates and inspires us until the next one! The spring tournament is particularly special because coming at the start of the year as it does, Master Joe always deems this our Shaolin New Year and thus begins an inspired year of training!

The evening of the tournament, we conclude with an action-packed, music-backed demonstration of open hand and weapon forms performed by different students, teachers and masters from multiple schools, and the final sparring bouts.

And Sunday is a very special day to cap off the entire long weekend, as we meet with Grandmaster Sin to learn new, incredible forms in special seminars with the Grandmaster.

When? Saturday Feb. 29, 2020

Where? North Austin School at 2136 Rutland Dr suite D-1

Registration Links Below are for Early Bird Pricing which ends at midnight January 31st, After that, they will change to late pricing, $10 more each.

Email Master Sheryl with any questions or concerns. And if you can volunteer any time or talents to helping us run the tournament,

or if you wish to be involved in the demonstration, email austinshaolin@gmail.com


Tournament Competition $55

Hook Sword Seminar $90

Swords Not Included

Tai Chi Seminar, age 59 or less, $90

Tai Chi Senior Seminar, age 60+, $25

Both Seminars, $180

Did You Know…

Every Master level student/teacher at the school has participated in multiple tournaments, beginning with the earliest days of their training? Tournaments build our confidence and bravery  both in the school and outside of it. The earlier you begin competing, the more comfortable and confident you become with those things outside your comfort zone and that reaches beyond the mats.


The Schedule for the Day


*Note Times cannot be precise as we won’t know the number of competitors participating until the day of the tournament.

Tigers & Dragons of 8 years or younger

Registration 8:30 am

9 am Start Time for this group



Kids age 9 & up who are Jr. Black Belt & Black Belt

Registration 10:30 am

11 am Start Time for this group


Kids 9 years & up (EXCLUDING Jr Black Belts & Black Belts)

Registration 10 am

10:30 Start Time for this Group

Adult Tai Chi

Registration 12 NOON

12:30 PM Start Time for this group


Adult Kung Fu

Registration 1 pm

1:30 Start Time for this group