A complete year of breakthrough workshops and a step by step process to transform.


Uncover and Define Yourself

You will be electrified when you discover that the best events and memories of your life are connected by certain emotions and feelings. You will use the fuel of this discovery to find infinite energy to transform and live each day fully.



Power Of Purpose Driven Goals

With your primary emotions as your compass, you can set a direction, milestones and goals. These goals now align with your core emotions. You will feel unstoppable when you get these elements in alignment.  



Uncover and Dismantle Barriers

You will never reach the next level of your life as long as you are beset by glitches in your thoughts and behaviors. We will employ many innovative exercises to identify your blindspots. We will uncover the thoughts and beliefs that have held you back for too long and disrupt the trigger-behavior-reward loops that have you reliving the same story year after year. 



Unleash Higher Performance

After we uncover your driving emotions and natural gifts, we’ll eliminate and bring the saboteurs of your life into the light of day. Now we’ll upgrade the engine that will drive it all. We will spend the most time sharing strategies to take your mental performance to the NEXT Level. These exercises will be your favorite part of every month.


These Meetings Are LIVE Interactive Seminars Online With ZOOM


…and it’s just once a month.

 One Sunday each month we will meet for 2.5 hours to plan the coming month. We’ll workshop on multiple exercises from our 4 core elements: Purpose, Goals, Repairs, and Tune-Ups. This will become your favorite activity of each month as you can feel changes and upgrades taking hold in your life. We all need periodic reminders and motivations to make this year better than any before. This will be your life-coaching experience from two people who have mentored, motivate and inspired thousands of people for more than 30 years. Imagine us working together on YOUR life-purpose, new goals and new future.

The Workshop Begins








Sunday, April 5th, 2020

5:00 – 7:30 PM

ZOOM Link Will Be Sent To All Those Regsitered



How Many New Year’s Resolutions Have We All Dropped?

What is the value of having two people coach and miotivate you to stay on track each month. They will introduce you to some of the m ost powerful techniques for discovering your hidden potential and eliminating the obstacles that have stopped you in the past.

$29 A Month For 2.5 Hours Each Month

($29/month for existing members of North Austin Shaolin-Do or their direct family members)

Life-Changing Instruction, Worksheets, Exercises and Experiences. People can join throughout the year, but the best version is to start April 5th. People joining later in the year will complete an at-home worksheet to catch up on certain steps


Recognize Any Of These Feelings?

  • You are frustrated with finances and fear the fault might lie within you

  • You avoid many social situations due to extreme discomfort

  • You feel irritable and quick tempered (like road rage)

  • You feel like you have too many “buttons” and “triggers” and everyone is pushing them

  • You feel stuck in many ways in life

  • You feel trapped by addictions and cravings

  • You don’t feel inspired by the upcoming weeks, months or years

    • You suffer from bouts of anxiety, depression or restlessness.

    • You are too much “in your head”

    • You start and quit new activites too often

    • You make and break resolutions quickly

    • You want to know your ultimate purpose in this life

    • You wish you could work on something you believe in

    • You feel powerless to change

    • You have no confidence you will ever change

    Will This Be Your Story?

    Nothing just goes away…it only gets worse with time

     20’s: Just Mild Annoyances

    As we get older, we typically do not grow wiser. The strategies and negative patterns and coping behaviors we hard-wired in our youth start to show up in our adult lives in our 20’s in subtle and mildly aggravating ways.  We adjust for things like social discomfort, persistent fears and habits that don’t support our success. These personal traits at this point are just mild annoyances. The fact that some people don’t appear to have these annoyances starts to be worrisome.


    30’s Annoyances Become Quirks

    In our 30’s these mild annoyances slowly morph into our personal “quirks”. These begin to slowly shape our life trajectory, limit our professional success, and shape our social engagements. We start to realize and notice these intrusive coping mechanisms more and more. If our career or personal lives haven’t pushed too hard against these “quirks” yet, we might still be a little oblivious to them. In this decade we typically feel that ALL THINGS are still possible for us, even though our habits have already closed some doors along the way.


    40’s: Quirks Become Hurdles

    In our 40’s these quirks have really started to solidify to become “just the way we are”. While we might accept these hurdles as our personal style, we usually know that life might be a lot easier with a different set of traits. It is likely that our “quirks” have now prevented some good things from happening or put us in a bad way personally or professionally. Discontent can reach a peak during this decade and it might start a passion to resolve these issues. Unfortunately it most often leads to defeat, resignation and the burying of the pain below a surface of denial and excuses.


    50’s And Beyond: Hurdles Become Permanent Obstacles

    In our 50’s we have by now buried these “quirks” down deep under many layers of excuses and denial. We have learned to compensate and adjust our expectations of life, and the people around us fully accept our “quirks” and enable us to keep them hidden from all. The stage is now being set for the rest of our lives. We are being empowered to believe 100% that “this is just the way I am”. All life paths and dreams that conflict with our limited beliefs about ourselves become almost impossible at this point. Each year we age, we harden this wiring and pattern, making it more difficult to break the mold.



    17 Modules That Will Change Your Life

    Imagine Making The Biggest Progress Of Your Life In The Next 12 Months

    We know from first hand experience that people need to be guided and encouraged on a regular basis to actually make lasting changes to their lives. We have personally attended many seminars and personal development workshops that were impactful and potentially life-changing. However, we watched the attendees return to their prior patterns within weeks or months of leaving the workshop. Lasting change failed to last for months, let alone years or the rest of their lives.

    This is not an acceptable outcome considering how important an opportunity it was to help those people change their entire future. Master Sheryl and I have trained over 5000 adults in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Hundreds of them have continued to practice and personally develop for more than a decade, 2 to 3 times a week. These people unanimously credit our program with making huge positive changes in their lives. These are changes that are permanent, not just lasting a few weeks or months.

    With the creation of the THE WORKSHOP we are fulfilling a dream of creating a program that more directly addresses personal transformation and development. We are using our 30 years history of keeping people on a long term path to impart new lessons that go way beyond martial art training. We will help you: discover your purpose, define life-goals, repair behavioral coping behaviors and tune-up your thoughts and psirit for the journey.


    A Sample Of The Coming Year’s Modules


    • Discover Your Life’s Primary Driving Emotion
    • What Are Your Unique Gift’s and Abilities
    • Finding The Master Within



    • Planning The Best Year Ever
    • Arranging Any Goal In Life Like Martial Art Belts
    • Creating A Purpose Driven Goal and Plan



    • Learn To Bring Your “Kid” To Work and Life
    • Uncover and Dismantle Your Recurring Obstacles
    • Find Where You Get Stuck
    • Behavioral Neuroscience..And You
    • Learning To Flip Your Stories To Change The Future



    • Building Your Hero’s Story
    • Life Is About Saying NO To The Wrong Things
    • Self-Esteem Bootcamp
    • The “One Wish” Secret To Life
    • Root Out and Permanently Neutralize Destructive Thoughts
    • Mastering Your Mental Operating System


    A Word

    From The Founders

    Your personal journey to live life at a higher level is much like a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs. There is fun and also fear. We want you to know that we are honored to be on the ride with you. We are there in our own seats, for every twist and turn with you.

    Masters Joe and Sheryl Schaefer

    Master Joe Schaefer

    8th degree black belt, PhD in Neurophysiology

    • 32 years teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi
    • 7 Years Teaching Univeristy level physiology
    • Published Researcher
    • Certified Trainer/Coach In Open Focus Attentional Method
    • Certified Neuosynchrony Feedback Coach
    • Has personally mentored over 5000 students

    Master Sheryl Schaefer

    6th degree black belt, Masters Degree In Physiology

    • 25 years teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
    • 8 Years teaching Univeristy level Physiology, Entomology, & Developmental Biology
    • 10+ Years facilitating Women’s empowerment retreats and seminars.
    • Has personally taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi to over a thousand adults.

    Martial Art Students Taught

    COmbined Years Teaching Science

    Combined Years Mentoring

    Advanced Academic Degrees

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