Whether you’ve learned the 5 sections of Moving White Crane OR you’re a newcomer to the Crane Chi Kung system, you can gain strength and internal peace with our 2021 High-Level Stationary White Crane seminar, taught by our own legendary Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé.

The Chi Kung, or Qigong, system “acts to harness willpower, to focus, and to help practitioners channel their energy through their palms,” (Yoga Journal).  There is a lot of focus on breathing. 

Chi Kung exercises follow energy meridians that work on the body and spirit. The first half of the High-Level White Crane Chi Kung focuses on strengthening the 12 Internal Organs meridians: Strengthening the heart, lung, kidney, liver, bladder, stomach, and more vital organs.  The second half continues to train what it calls our 8 Strange Meridians. These energy pathways aim to lead to longevity with special breathing routines. 


The seminar will be held in 2 sections over ZOOM on March 14th.

1st Half: 10am – 12pm (CST)

2nd Half: 2pm – 4pm (CST)

Learn a revitalizing, ancient martial art from our very own Grandmaster Sin (pictured left).

Benefits of Chi Kung/Qigong & Internal Martial Arts:

  • Reduce depression and relieve stress or anxiety
  • Boost immune system
  • Increases energy and lessens fatigue
  • Strengthening muscles through postures
  • Keeps you in touch with your mind & body

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