Women In Kung Fu

Why Have a Kung Fu women page?

No need really, as the women in our schools are students like all other students at Austin Kung Fu. But we felt it important to point out that Kung Fu Women are present in great numbers at our schools, approximately 1/2 of the population. We also put together a demonstration  for our annual Austin Kung Fu February Tournament (an optional event for all students, but a HUGE amount of fun and inspiration!).

At Austin Kung Fu, all ages are represented from 4 to 55+, students, mothers, doctors, techs, lawyers, writers, accountants, (you get the idea) are students here and found in all belt levels through our highest degrees of black belt.

Advanced Ranks

Women hold some of the highest ranks in our school. They make up at least 50% of every class.

Specialty Seminars

Every year Master Sheryl Schaefer, 6th degree black belt, conducts a Women’s Kung Fu retreat.


Master Sheryl holds personal development workshops that help with everything from confidence to time management.

Master Sheryl started her training in 1988 as the only woman in the school. Once she achieved black belt she made it her priority to make the school as female friendly, inclusive and empowering, as possible. The school is now a huge, diverse and supportive family where everyone can thrive.

From Our Clients
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Master Sheryl immediately set me at ease. Her teaching style is one of clarity and supportive kindness, with an abundance of patience. She is able to simplify the material as appropriate, in order to teach it to students of any level and any age.

Leslie Zieren

Tai Chi


“Master Sheryl combines detail, demonstration, and humor to deliver a teaching style that makes students feel comfortable, confident, & motivated. She genuinely cares about her students whether they are 5th degree black belts or white belts showing up for their first class.”

John Coffey

black belt


“Recently, I attended a one of her Women’s Seminars. Having attended Corporate retreats and training seminars for decades, I have a fairly high standard for quality.  Sheryl exceeded my expectations in every regard.”

Zan Blount

Tai Chi Student