The Benefits of Tai Chi For Seniors In Austin TX

Exercising as a senior can feel difficult and daunting, and the idea of learning martial arts may sound especially intimidating. However, the ancient art of Tai Chi is actually perfect for seniors and comes with countless health and mental benefits. Hundreds of seniors in Austin have benefitted from this internal martial art, and so can you.

Tai Chi is a system of flowing movements that incorporates breathing and meditation. It is an ancient, internal Chinese art that incorporates your body, mind, and spirit. Because of its slow, gentle nature, Tai Chi is especially good for older adults. The forms and movements you learn put very small amounts of stress on the joints and muscles, and provide an overall low-impact exercise.

There are many health benefits to learning Tai Chi as a senior. For instance, the Emory University School of Medicine conducted a study that showed tai chi can reduce fall risks by nearly 50%. This goes along with a general improvement of balance and core strength. As you regularly practice, you’ll find an increase in energy and in stamina, as well as higher cognitive function.  Tai Chi helps to lower blood pressure and encourages deep breathing, allowing you to center yourself. You might see a better quality of sleep, as well as pain relief for any back, neck, or joint pain. And amazingly, a study at UCLA has found that practicing Tai Chi may help your body to fight off viruses and improve your immune system. Shingles and other outbreaks common in seniors may become less likely with the art of Tai Chi


The advantages of Tai Chi also include that it can be done almost anywhere and with little prior experience. A good teacher will give you the proper tools you need including basic movements and breathing exercises. Then you can practice at home, in a park, or somewhere else relaxing. Loose-fitting clothes lend themselves to Tai Chi, and before you know it, you’ll be practicing peaceful, flowing movements. Some martial arts schools specifically offer Senior Tai Chi classes, where you can find a sense of community with other students and grow together in this internal art. Tai Chi will contribute to your overall self-esteem and confidence as you learn new skills and watch you and your peers improve over time.

You don’t have to become a skilled, consistent master of Tai Chi to notice its impact on your body. Finding just a few minutes each day to do some breathing and movement can start to provide you with the health benefits you need. Any time you feel stress (even in a work meeting or while in traffic) you can practice pared-down versions of the meditative state that Tai Chi aims to put you in. You also don’t need prior martial arts experience to get started in Tai Chi. People of all ages, skill levels, and physical capability learn these exercises every day. Gradually, you will notice how comfortable you become in class and in everyday life. If you’re worried about the effects of aging, get started in Tai Chi today and see yourself flourish.