Kung Fu Women

Kung Fu Women

This picture was taken at our 2012 Women's Retreat of many of the Kung Fu Women from both North and South Austin

Master Sheryl is a 6th degree black belt and instructor at the North Austin school. She has been training since 1987.
She is also your "go to" person for any questions about the school, enrollment, private lessons, life-coaching, billing, kids camps, or ordering. When in doubt, ask Master Sheryl
(email her at austinshaolin@gmail.com)

WHY THE NEED FOR A " Kung Fu Women " PAGE?

No need really, as the women in our schools are students like all other students at Austin Kung Fu. But we felt it important to point out that Kung Fu Women are present in great numbers at our schools, approximately 1/2 of the population. We also put together a demonstration  for our annual Austin Kung Fu February Tournament (an optional event for all students, but a HUGE amount of fun and inspiration!).

At Austin Kung Fu, all ages are represented from 4 to 55+, students, mothers, doctors, techs, lawyers, writers, accountants, (you get the idea) are students here and found in all belt levels through our highest degrees of black belt.

Kung Fu Women of All Ages

Any person, of any age, and beginning at any fitness level (or lack thereof) can study kung fu and learn to become the best person in the best physical shape, that they can become! I have been training since 1988 with some long absences mixed in there for the birth of my two kids. Kung Fu has strengthened me from the inside out and provided me with some of the best friends a person can have. Read some of the testimonials below from our women in kung fu for more information and if you have any questions or concerns at all that you'd like to talk with me about personally, just email from here and I'll get back with you right away. Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!

See What These Women Have to Say About Their Experiences Training In Shaolin-Do

2017 Shiang Chung Li /Women's Retreat

2017 Shiang Chung Li /Women's Retreat

Shiang Chung Li

Shiang Chung Li

And a Workshop on Goal Setting and Time Management

And a Workshop on Goal Setting and Time Management

Holly 3rd Degree Black Belt on what She Likes About Shaolin-Do and The Quality of the Instruction

img_0691"What I love best about being a part of the Kung Fu Women group is the way my body feels when I practice katas. The forms we have in Shaolin are ancient and extremely beautiful, and I feel like they lend me a certain power when I'm doing them. When I practice katas, and put my all into doing Tiger, or Bird, or any of our other forms, I feel stronger, faster, more powerful. Knowing these katas is like having a magic wand that turns you into a better you when you do them. At least, that's the best way I can describe the feeling."

As to the instruction...

"You couldn't ask for better instructors than we have at Shaolin-Do. I think one of the most important things about our instructors is that while they are extremely talented and have dedicated a lot of time and effort to achieving their skill in kung fu, they are also very humble. They approach you as a fellow student of kung fu, not as a drill sergeant. I think part of what enables us students to get through difficult classes is the fact that the instructors are right there with us, doing the workout or doing the katas, and working harder than anyone. The fact that they are WITH us, not ORDERING us, makes us feel very supported."

Pat 2nd Degree Black Belt on the Surprising Benefits of training at the Age of 55

Kung Fu Women - Pat

Kung fu Opened the Door to New Challenges

"I am 55 years old, and I first started martial arts when my husband, a life-long exerciser, became concerned about my lack of exercise. I had tried exercise before, but found it all to be boring. "It (Kung Fu) had just the right mix of physical and mental challenge for me. I really appreciated the way the instructors were so patient and didn't try to rush me into things for which I was not ready. They were always willing to help when my memory failed, and they managed to make me feel like this was something I really could do. I was so impressed with the level of instruction at the school." When I first started, I could not do even one pushup nor reach my ankles (forget the toes!). But little by little, I got stronger and more flexible. I remember when I was a blue belt seeing the brown belts doing one-arm pushups. I thought, I'll just have to drop out when I reach brown belt; I'll never be able to do that! But amazingly, by the time I was a brown belt, I could do those pushups. I stayed with the program and eventually, with lots of encouragement, was able to test to black belt. I have been in the program for eight years and am now working on my second-degree black belt, albeit at a very slow pace.

Taylor 3rd Degree Black Belt and What it has been like Training since She was 4 Years Old

Kung Fu Women who Started as Girls

Taylor and Kaysie - Kung Fu Friends

"Kung Fu is a great sport for girls my age who aren't really into the whole organized sports thing. My hand eye coordination is very low. However, people are always amazed in my P.E. class when I'm able to do a ton of push ups in the FitnessGram, or when I can kick really high. My secret? Kung Fu. I'm 13 years old, and kung fu has impacted my life very much. I met two of my best friends at kung fu when I was around 6, and we still all see each other during Saturday and Tuesday black belt class. Shaolin also helps me vent when I'm angry from something at school- I can kick and punch as hard as I want to! 🙂

Debbie 4th Degree Black Belt on the Gains Made Since Joining Austin Kung Fu

Kung Fu Women Mother and Daughters

Debbie, Kaysie and Kaylin - all High Level Kung Fu Black Belts Now

"I started attending Austin Kung Fu wanting to get fit and learn the ancient form of self- defense.  What I got out of it was a lot more than that.

Since I started the training, I have gained more self-confidence and a second family.  The people there are sincere and caring and have become my second family.  We know each others children and are
all interested in their well-being.

Both my daughters have taken on the interest of learning the art and are now a second degree black belt and soon to be a black belt.  They have both gained self confidence and skills that are invaluable.   Knowing that they can protect themselves is a comfort to me."


Lesa 4th degree Black Belt Discusses the Positive Effects of Her Training

Kung Fu Women - Lesa

Lesa is now a 4th degree black belt!

" Great teaching and insights from Master Joe.  Reduced stress.  Lots of fun. Better stamina, flexibility.  Good friends, good times, and good humor!  A positive, upbeat perspective on life.  There is nothing like a good kick that knocks the wind out of you.  It really keeps you from dwelling on other, less immediate problems haha.

Kathy 3rd Degree Black Belt Tells The Reason She Loves Shaolin

Kung Fu Women - Kathy

Sifu Kathy, 4th degree, Heads our Prek Tiger Program

I could say that I go to Kung Fu because it improves my blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tone, and overall health.  All that is true (my jeans do fit better!).  But, the thing that has kept me going for over 7 years is the friendships I have built in the school and the incredibly friendly and supportive environment. And it is not just the ladies at the school, it is the guys also.