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 Tai Chi creates a peaceful mental space and builds a calm balancing energy. You will feel more flexible and energized physically and mentally more positive and confident.

Tai Chi Leads to Increased:

Tai Chi is a gentle yet invigorating practice. It incorporates deep breathing, a relaxed posture and a focus on inner mental and physical balance. Those who study Tai Chi can learn the power of living “in the moment” enjoying each and every moment as it exists without stressful thoughts and anxious body feelings.   Immerse yourself in the complete internal program and attend multiple times per week. Learn all the internal forms of Tai Chi, Pa Kua, and Hsing I, as well as weapons for each style. Understand the fighting applications of Tai Chi and gain knowledge of the family styles of Yang and Chen Family Tai Chi as well as the various breathing and meditation methods.

Improve Health

Tai Chi has been shown to improve health and longevity, quality of life, through improved flexibility and joint strength and serenity of mind.

According to the Mayo Clinic
Tai Chi Can Lead To:

  •  Decreased stress and anxiety
  •  Increased aerobic capacity
  •  Increased energy and staminamargita and brian tai chi
  •  Increased flexibility, balance and agility
  •  Increased muscle strength and definition 

Some evidence indicates that Tai Chi also may help:

  •  Enhance the immune system
  •  Enhance quality of sleep
  •  Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  •  Improve joint pain
  •  Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure
  •  Improve overall well-being in older adults
  •  Reduce risk of falls in older adults

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The Full Chinese Internal Arts Program

This program is our comprehensive internal arts program that teaches the tai chi 24 and relaxation techniques, adding ALL the internal forms (Yang Tai Chi, Chen Tai Chi, Pa Kua, internal weapons Buddah Fist, Hsing Ie, ….etc…) as well as the applications of the movements. This class meets multiple times during the week and is ongoing and progressive.   The name Tai Chi Chuan actually means Grand Ultimate Fist in Chinese. It was the ultimate fighting art for one reason. It held the keys to the only sure-fire door to personal mastery; body awareness and self-knowledge. No wonder it is one of the fastest growing health crazes in the world. Breathe deep from your center, empty your thoughts, sink your Chi energy to the navel and move slowly from the spine. This is the essence of Tai Chi and can take a lifetime to learn. Please be my guest to sample this ancient path toward personal mastery.

    1.  Completely relax the musculature.
    2.   Clear your mind and become acutely aware of your internal and external environment.
    3.   Achieve a stress and tension free posture
    4.  Increase the unhindered flow of energy throughout the body, with a systemic increase of blood flow.
    5.   Defend oneself with minimal use of effort by applying the concept of accommodation. (yin/yang)Tai Chi trains students in what is known as a yielding or soft style of martial arts.

jill jason and marcus smaller The internal art of Pa Kua Chang teaches to evade attacks through a fluid, circling pattern of movements  including steps designed to throw an opponent simply by coiling and uncoiling the body. At a higher level, the entire art of Shing Yi Ch’uan (Fist of Will) teaches the student to explode their internal power into every strike.Meditation exercises help students control their breathing, develop a greater awareness of their body and encourage a calm and controlled mental attitude. The internal arts require decades to master and the constant addition of new material at the Shaolin-Do school ensures that each student remains interested and challenged for a lifetime. Like the famous yin/yang symbol, the balance of these two unique strategies, SHAOLIN & TAI CHI, creates a powerful force and well-rounded martial artist.   Why is Shaolin-Do so special?

  1.  Calmly energize your mind & body.
  2.  Lower Your Blood Pressure.
  3. You’ll Feel More Flexible.
  4. Gently Increase Strength & Balance.
  5.  You strengthen your immune system.


Weight Loss, Endurance, Stress-Relief, Self-Defense, Fun and New Friends!